Ubisoft Is Aiming At 60FPS For PC In "The Crew", Beta Does Not Represent Final Product

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, we informed you about the 30FPS lock that is currently present on The Crew's PC beta build. While Ubi-Valentin (Ubisoft's community manager) said that the team aims for 1080p and 30fps on all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PS4), Natchai_Ubisoft (another community manager at Ubisoft) claimed that the team is actually targeting 60FPS on the PC."

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Bodge1302d ago

You don't "aim" for a frame-rate on a PC game dickwads.

Cernunnos1302d ago

Unless they are planning on a locked framerate, like the NFS game, which is a terrible, terrible, terrible way to do it...

Chrischi19881302d ago

Yeah, what are they thinking? 60 FPS with what hardware? How do they aim for a framerate? Do they want to screw over PC gamers even more? How competent are they, to not be able to make the game run on multiple settings, for mid range to high end.

Or what are they talking about? I didnt read the article by the way, so if they clarify it in there, feel free to correct me.

ElmoCooksGlass1301d ago

ya u do pc is not that great at all i would of rather stick
to my ps4 them have a pc

annus1302d ago

What does that even mean though? 'Aiming' 60FPS for what specs? What about us that have cards that can pump out way more? Why can't we just set our own limits like pretty much every other game?

Cernunnos1302d ago

I suppose this is Ubis new strategy towards PC gamers. They don't understand us in the slightests, so they just tell us what they would tell console gamers. 60fps, 1080p guys!!! -_-

Mkai281302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I understand DriveClub, and even Forza Horizon 2 not hitting 60fps. The Crew is visually sub par even compared to the PC counterpart. 60fps should be no problem for PC for this game, consoles for that matter.. Not hating on the game at all, but it isn't visual there IMO...

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