8 features we want in next year's Madden

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "Yes, Madden 15 just came out today, but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to next year's game this soon. Every year I have a wishlist of new features and fixes that I hope make it into the franchise's next iteration, and every year I'm left a little disapointed."

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kalkano1332d ago

A few good ones in there.

For me: Add CPU vs CPU back into offline franchise mode, and I'll at least CONSIDER buying it for the first time since '12.

I'd also like to see XP progression get scrapped (or at least add another option for progression).

Finally, it's pathetic that a modern sports game does not have custom soundtracks. Sure, you can blame Sony for that one, but has Madden EVER had it? Maybe it did a long time ago; I really don't know. But I know it hasn't been there since at LEAST '10. Pathetic.

GoPanthers9991331d ago

Awesome comments, my only disagree is Preseason. I use those games to get a feel for my team year to year.