The Wii U is actually worth buying now

Nintendo's Wii U launch was the company's biggest disaster since the Virtual Boy. The console was slow and clunky, with very little to play upon release and a barren line-up of games for the next several months. It's a cliché, but after I bought mine upon its Japanese launch, it quite literally gathered dust for the best part of a year. (It does that pretty easily because it is glossy and black)

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randomass1711453d ago

It's cool that they feel that way, but I've felt that way since Mario Kart came out. And I'm sure other fans have felt that way even before I did. :/

gerbwmu1453d ago

Bought it a year ago and thought it was well worth what I paid. Just getting better at this point.

Hope Nintendo keeps pumping out the games and content for what looks like a good end of 2014 and all of 2015

Major 3rd party support is sad but other then sports.....I have way too much to play as least for me.

mcstorm1453d ago

I agree. For me who now has less time than ever to play games I'm loving the wiiu line up. I'm now finding my self just being excited about the exclusives on all 3 consoles not much 3rd party has me excited.

Really depends on what games your into to what console your into but I have yet to play a Nintendo IP on the wiiu that I have not liked and I own more wiiu games than Xbox one games.

k-dillinger1453d ago

yea its better then he xbone more games fun i love the wii u

700p1453d ago

Then again..the wii u was always worth buying. They had fun games.

fonger081453d ago

Shovel Knight right now, for me, is one of the best indie games I've ever played and is keeping my Wii U alive and kicking in my living room!

Macdaddy711453d ago

Look how long it has taken Wii u to start selling, I think the Xbox one will take off!!! Why??
1. Wii U hurt it self with the gamepad, older gamers did not understand the Pad.. Our kids don't like Wii U pad as good as Wii old remote..
2. Ps4 sold like hot cakes just because all PS3 owners been wanting a new system so bad they all bout upgraded..
3. Xbox One got off to slow start selling is cause so Many 360 gamers not ready to upgrade yet, look at what happen to Ps2 to PS3!!!! Same thing happen that's happening to 360 to X1...
In time the X1 will sell like 360 did, it may take MS the next system to run its course but it will happen...

NattyGraham1453d ago

There is so much wrong with this argument.

brish1453d ago


If you read the forums a lot of xbox 360 users bought the ps4 console.

Chrono1453d ago

WiiU will end last because they were relying on casuals and those people now prefer mobile.

PSWiiKing1453d ago

Not according to Miyamoto. It hasn't.

morganfell1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Reason 1 is absurd. I am an older gamer, love the gamepad - just purchased my Wii U 2 weeks ago. And as a Wii owner I like the pad more than the Wii mote or previous Wii pads.

Reason 2 is equally ridiculous.The PS3 was the most powerful console last gen getting the best exclusives, particularly in the last year. The 360 is the one that deserted its core base for casuals. PS3 owners were not the ones falling behind and scrambling for a new console.

Reason 3 is utter nonsense. You are ignoring the fact the PS3 launched and began outselling the 360. The X1 is not gaining ground on it's competition as the PS3 did with the 360. Apples to sour grapes. Instead the X1 is falling further behind every month. You have your facts reversed. Actually you have no facts.

And finally, you need to be marked as trolling for dragging the X1 into this discussion. This was about the Wii U but your ego and that burning feeling that comes with not being the "it" item is just eating away at you.


That mobile argument has been failing for years and fails today. Look at the numbers this gen. Real numbers.

Lon3wolf1453d ago

What age demographic are you classing as older gamers? Being 44 and not having issues understanding/enjoying the
Wii-U's tablet input device, I am curious to your point of reference.

uth111453d ago

It's not a lack of understanding the gamepad, it's more seeing it and thinking "yet another peripheral with big promises that will end up being underutilized, yet another gadget that will take up space in my living room, and need batteries or be recharged all the time" And it probably added at least $100 to the cost of the Wii U, making the price unattractive.

vanity291453d ago

Lol yeah, ok bud, keep talking about the Xbox in a Wii U article lmaooo

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CaptainSellers1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

For me it's been worth buying since MK8 came out.

I make no secret of my PS4 preference, but the Nintendo first party roster is difficult for anyone to match

Any Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DK, Monolith game make a Nintendo console worth owning for me, sure the Wii-U may not have as much 3rd party support, but I can't imagine many fans are buying it for the multiplatform games, but mostly the exclusives, because they are that good.

Looking forward to the great value MK8 DLC! Even if its months away :(

1453d ago
desolationstorm1453d ago

I've been happy since the price cut and Wind Waker bundle. $300 for game and system followed up by the insane MK8 deal. Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD and MK8 for $340. Well worth it to me.

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