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Stadium Sounds
Greg Heddlesten, associate designer from Electronic Arts writes:

"In an effort to bring more user generated content to NCAA Football 09 on the next generation consoles we've included a Custom Stadium Sounds feature. This system allows you take the audio files you have ripped to your XBox 360 or PlayStation 3 and play them when various events occur during the game. The audio file will only play if you are the home team in their stadium and there are just over 20 scenarios for you to choose from including: kickoff, tackle for loss/QB sack, turnover, touchdown, start of the 4th quarter, defense on 3rd down, penalty on the visiting team, and more.

There is a limit of 50 events that can be created at any given time, however, there is an ALL option should you want to keep the same audio throughout the league. Specific team events have priority over the ALL setting; so if you have two touchdown events with one set to ALL and the other set to Miami, the Miami touchdown audio will be heard."

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