4A Games Is Working On A New Metro Game & A Top-Secret Space Shooter Game

New information about 4A Games' upcoming projects has surfaced during ITC's (Ukrainian website) interview with Andrey Prokhorov.

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christrules00411490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

If they make it even more detailed then Metro 2033 redux and Metro last light redux I will be seriously impressed. That along with The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt may very well make me get a new graphics card. Hoping for the GTX 880 to be in a resonable price range.

LazyGoron1490d ago

How much better does this game look on PC than PS4/X1? It looks amazing to me on my PS4, up there with Infamous and TLOU graphics-wise. Which for my console, is pretty good. The lighting of the Metro Redux games is incredible, they do their different environments well.

I don't really know how detailed it would look on a good rig. Can you go past 1080p and 60 FPS @ ultra?

christrules00411490d ago

I can't really say how much better that it looks on the PC then the PS4/X1. It all depends on how picky someone is with graphics really. I did read that there are higher-resolution textures, higher quality affects and higher quality tessellation. But unless you compare them side by side there isn't a huge noticable difference. I was getting around 40fps during fights so I changed from Very High to High and couldn't even really notice the difference. Then I got around 65 to 70fps during fights.

The only big difference that is noticable is if someone has a Nvidia GPU and uses PhysX. When I get into intense battles there are particles laying everywhere from the bullets that miss the enemies. If you throw a grenade it leaves a mist there(may happen on PS4 but I don't know about that one) and shooting isicles makes them fall to the ground.

PhysX takes a lot of power to keep all of the particles around so I'm not surprised it's not on the PS4 though.

Golden_Mud1490d ago

Deep Six was gonna be a good game :'(

SolidGear31490d ago

This is heavenly news indeed!!! A new Metro and space shooter by 4A. This is going to be so good!!!

RedDeadLB1490d ago

In all honesty I believe these guys should get the license for the next Dead Space game. Seriously.

reploid1490d ago

Pretty sure they would make an awesome job of it.

nippletwister1490d ago

If these guys are making a space shooter, then i'm going to assume that they are going to be doing a story-driven one rather than open world in any way, for all the effects and storytelling,
in which case i am eagerly awaiting a proper new Colony Wars/G-Police successor which will be a light-show.
My penis is ready.

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