Media Create hardware sales (8/18 - 8/24)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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qwerty6761241d ago

"PS4 – 5,923"

wow thats like pathetic. and to think xbox one is going to sell even worse then that.

the console market isnt looking to bright over there.

killerluffy1231241d ago

I wonder how long is handheld market going to takeover consoles ......

Protagonist1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

It does not seem consoles will make a comeback in JP, it is all about the 3DS/Vita/Mobiles and Tablets.

The western market on the other hand is very different (as you probably already know)

weekev151241d ago

Everything down after last weeks holiday.

Jdoki1241d ago

Amazing how the market in Japan has changed over the last few years.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1241d ago

no it just society changed. People travel a lot.

Ocsta1241d ago

If Japan is a microcosm of how the world's tastes will change regarding gaming then our beloved hobby is F***ED. F***ED so very, very hard.

FriedGoat1241d ago

Japan is not a look into the future.
If it is, the world will be empty judging by their population decline.

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