Review: Metro Redux (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard, DarkZero: "The video games industry is such an interesting place to watch trends appear and see how they grow or fail. Case in point – video game remasters that began to appear towards the latter half of the last generation’s life. I use the word remasters, because remake, to me at least, signals a huge change in the game. A perfect example of this, and one that I see as the pinnacle of the remake example, is Resident Evil (REmake) on the GameCube. Capcom completely overhauled the game with new graphics, audio and extra content that built on the main game by adding new rooms and other bonuses. Most games that are remade mostly fall into the remastered category, as they are simply touched up a bit and given a higher resolution or better frame rate, such as the recent The Last of Us Remastered or the God of War ports to PlayStation 3."

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