BioShock emerges on iOS App Store in New Zealand, out tomorrow worldwide

The underwater first person shooter / interactive objectivism essay BioShock is out now on the New Zealand App Store, and will come to other territories from midnight. Gameplay video within.

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Neonridr1391d ago

pretty cool that they were able to port the 2007 game over. Personally, I think this is one of the best written games I have ever played. The story in this game was simply fantastic. And the world was such a joy to explore the first time around.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1391d ago

And it would be a disservice to any gamer to play it on a tablet also.
It's best played on PC, failing that 360 or PS3, I played it on all of them because I'm a "RAPTURE NUT"
This just won't work well on a device without a gamepad IMO.

famoussasjohn1391d ago

I loved the art style. The plasmids you receive in the game were awesome. I loved how the hands looked when you equipped the plasmid such as the Insect Swarm, Incinerate, or Winter Blast.