Dragon Age: Inquisition - Five New Screenshots Released, New Gameplay Trailer Coming This Week

Electronic Arts and Bioware have released five new screenshots for their upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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MilkMan1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Better not have any of that dumb ass multiplayer im reading about. No wonder this thing was delayed.

700p1426d ago

Looks pretty good. I doubt this is gonna take away from the single player like many said.

FullmetalRoyale1426d ago

Well over one hundred hours of single player content. I've read that a separate team was brought in two years ago to make the coop. So the single player will be fine. They have spent extra to add the coop, as opposed to taking away from the single player as a lot seem to do. I'm personally happy that you can play the coop solo, if you wish.

anticlimax1426d ago

So it's multiplayer. Just another step away from realtimewithpause (can't pause in co-op)in the direction of an action-rpg.

Resources from the studio taken away from singeplayer content such as storytelling, sidequests, lore, visuals.

The next Dragon Age is probably either an action-MMO, or a party-based Diablo-clone. With romancable characters of course, it's still sorta Bioware.

--bienio--1426d ago

Agree. I still got bad taste after dragon age 2. still not persuaded me to buy this game...

FullmetalRoyale1426d ago

A separate team was brought into the fold two years ago to make the coop. The single player looks perfect(to me) with over one hundred hours of content. If games like TLoU can pull it off, I have no doubt that Dragon Age will have the balance. Plus you can play the coop solo.

I think you are having a knee-jerk/emotional reaction, and while you have EVERY right to feel that way, I personally do not feel it's warranted. Everything that's been shown of Dragon Age up until now has been a MASSIVE step up from Dragon Age 2.
It truly feels like the sequel to Origins that I've(we've) been waiting for.

Honestly I think EA realized(after DA2) that the gamers that play RPG's aren't as complacent as people who play the annual sports games. That's not an insult to those that do. I think that EA loves money. Correct? After DA2 they realized that they had chopped the goose with the golden egg open to get the gold and been left with nothing but a dead goose, as opposed to nurturing it and being patient. I think they realized that if they didn't step it up, they would lose the fanbase, and the money from them, forever. So they had to step up and make the best game they could. Even from just a calculating business sense, it makes sense.

I genuinely believe that there is nothing to be worried about. IDK what the future holds for this franchise, but this is redemption for Bioware, imo. They have created some of the best game experiences I have ever had.

Also I totally hated the ME3 multiplayer for the very reason that I could not pause the game. I don't play ME like a shooter. I turn off powers for my away team so I, personally, am constantly pausing the action and giving the orders. Matter of fact that's how I shoot too. I'll pause it, line up a headshot, use my vanguard rush, pause it again, headshot, pause, headshot.

I was terrible at the coop, and to me if felt empty, pointless, and boring. I'll likely be ignoring the coop entirely. Though, presumably, since we can play it solo, we should be able to utilize the tactical camera.
Though there are plenty of people that will play Inquisition as an action rpg, which is fine. The difference between this and DA2 is that the are catering to BOTH camps, and drastically improving the tactical camera for gamers like you and me. Then again I may love the coop.

The only reason I'm giving you such a long reply is because I love games, and specifically role-playing games. And while it is none of my business, I hate the idea of a fellow enthusiast not looking forward to this game as much, or just having negative feelings about it at all. I think it looks excellent man, you should be excited.

anticlimax1426d ago

That is a long post...

So, from what I can remember:
- playing the multiplayer solo sounds an awful lot like grinding missions, quests that aren't tied in to the story much (or indeed, at all
-> hence the Diablo-esque criticism

- I still haven't seen a single keyboard/mouse presentation of the game. Thus I'm not yet reassured by what I've seen of the tactical combat.

- The combat is too fast to my liking, part of what makes combat tactical is that it is slow so that each attack and each blow matters.

I'm not saying I don't look forward to the game, I'm saying that I think Bioware is choosing a direction for this IP. More specifically away from the parts that made me love it so much.

As a non-shooter rpg fan of Mass Effect, you've had to have felt the same way with how that IP developed from ME to ME3. Action over RPG, that's the choice they made (and seem to be continuing to make).

There, a long post in return.