More new Titanfall modes planned, but Respawn needs to "move on and do other things

Titanfall will receive another DLC map pack, IMC Rising, later this autumn, and Respawn plans to add more new modes and "cool stuff" to the game as free Xbox Live updates. The developer won't support the game indefinitely, however - past a "certain point", it'll need to reallocate resources to unannounced projects.

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Axios21454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Congrats Respawn, and best of luck in future endeavours

I suspect your already very successful game is about to get another boost in september when it goes on sale in 29 new Countries.

dirigiblebill1454d ago

Be nice if they'd knock out a story expansion before moving on. Titanfall's "campaign multiplayer" is a bit too short and sweet.

nX1454d ago

I'd rather have Titanfall 2 at this point.

Ghost_Nappa1454d ago

"Story" is a very strong word to use when describing Titanfalls campaign.

Magicite1454d ago

wake up, its 21st century, people can buy games digital or import from anywhere.

700p1454d ago

Agreed. As it is, this game brought back my interest in multiplayer. Im currently playing alot of gears of war 3 multiplayer too.

gamer11381454d ago

Played it solidly for 4 months. Thanks for the fun times Respawn! Can't wait to see what you do next.

DJustinUNCHAIND1454d ago

This game is still selling well, and I imagine it will get a nice little boost when the X1 hits the other territories.

Drithe1454d ago

No one will remember Titan Fall come September 9th. It is it's .......... Destiny. Muahahahahaha!!!

DLConspiracy1454d ago

Destiny could be Titanfall all over again. For all we know.

MonsterChef1454d ago

Except the beta squashed alot of people's fears of a hype game, for me I wasn't sold on destiny till the beta now I have it pre-ordered on the psn store

Automatic791454d ago

Still play this game on and off with my work schedule. Thanks for a great game respawn.

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The story is too old to be commented.