What do parents really think about video games and ESRB ratings?

MWEB GameZone writes: "The last couple of years the media has painted a very grim picture of video games' influence on children and how parents are careless when it comes to exposing their kids to violent video games.

The ESA survey paints a completely different picture about how parents view video games as well as ESRB ratings."

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SonZeRo1363d ago

Most parents seem to ignore them as can be seen by the amount of kids playing GTA/CoD/BF3/ many others. I guess using the pc/consoles as a nanny is a easy option for alot of parents.

HanCilliers1363d ago

In my experience parents use it as their number one deciding factor.

plut0nash1363d ago

For smaller kids perhaps? Older ones I don't know.

Sillicur1363d ago

I think gaming can definately have a positive influence on children, yet there will always be some bad apples.