Disc Expansion Reveals More into Capcom vs Koei Case

Although the Sankei report opens this lawsuit case to the public and the disc expansion plays a vital role into this research, gaming critics should know that "Capcom vs Koei Tecmo Games" is quite misleading if people don't pay attention to history. Back in 2002, Koei and Tecmo were actually separate gaming companies and will later merged in 2009, but Capcom's focus is directly on Koei. After releasing the third sequel to the series, Koei released the Dynasty Warriors 4 and the Xtreme Legend package for the PlayStation 2 in 2003. Although these games were sold separately, they allowed fans to "expand or unlock new content from an older game to another device."

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Serrafina1485d ago

A representative from Koei Representative just confirmed the lawsuit. He or she stated that Capcom is suing them for patent infringement, but the Koei Tecmo company believes they have not done anything wrong.