Frugal Gaming Review | Divinity: Original Sin PC

Larian Studios have created an RPG that is at once a throwback to the glory days of PC RPG titles and a showcase of what can be achieved with a modern perspective - Writes Karlos Morale

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PridedLlama1088d ago

I think I'm pretty much sold on this now, it sounds fantastic, and I think it will do nicely for weekends when the other half hogs the big TV and xb1

Dynasty20211088d ago

The first 3 or 4 hours are really, REALLY painful. Slow and confusing.

And then a lightbulb turns on and suddenly it all makes such...awesome sense.

Easily the best RPG released in the past decade, bar none, on any system.

Volkama1088d ago

Worth playing any old Divinity games first? I have Divinity 2, Divinity Dragon Commander, and this in my library. Maybe some others.

Ready to start the series any day now, not sure of the best starting point!

JsonHenry1088d ago

I loved all 84 hours of this game. I played it non-stop till I beat it. One of the BEST RPGs ever made hands down.

karlosmorale1088d ago

It's basically hot hot sex. In video game form.

UglyGeezer1088d ago

I have to admit it frightened me and I haven't gone back.

I landed on the beach, did the tutorial, then didn't have a clue what I was doing and I ran away crying :'(

JsonHenry1088d ago

Talk to everyone in town in the first town. You find direction and purpose rather quickly without trying that way.

crazysapertonight1088d ago

Great game, but after 40 hours it begins to be a little bore. Maybe I will finish it later.

andibandit1088d ago

Almost thru the game, but i wouldn't give it a 10/10.
The game is very limited in the hints that are thrown at you. My first 6 hours were kind of a let down(didnt know where to go or what to do), and I didn't really enjoy the game until i started following an online guide.

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