Have You Really Played Metal Gear?

Certainly, Metal Gear fans have spent this week rejoicing the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, either by playing the game itself or scheming to find the scratch to score the necessary PlayStation 3 to do so. The franchise has cultivated fans for no less than 21 years, starting in summer of 1987 as a release for the popular Japanese home computer MSX2. The following year, the game was ported to the NES, which launched the series across Pacific Ocean.

The game was heralded as a new kind of action game, driven by a mature narrative and the introduction of stealth mechanics in the hardware generation that was driven primarily by arcade ports and colorful platformers. The game was a success in America, leading to the launch of a series that extended across several consoles over the next 20 years.

But if you've only played Metal Gear on the NES, you haven't truly played Metal Gear.

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niall773784d ago

and totally dont have a illegal ROM and a emulater ;)

Alexander Roy3783d ago

I wanted to, but I didn't find the time... Now, I don't think I missed anything in MGS4. I could say which person I remember from MG/MG2, but I think that would be a spoiler. Anyway, if you haven't played MG/MG2, you missed the games, but you won't feel left out in MGS4.

InMyOpinion3783d ago

Me too, not to mention Goonies II =)

Lord_Ash3783d ago

I played it for the 3rd time last week on my PC.

LightofDarkness3783d ago

I played it many moons ago in 1993. When I was about 9. Never completed it, but loved it. Then finally did it in 2003 before the release of MGS3. Definitely a highlight of the 8-bit era.

However, MGS4 is more than a highlight of the "next-gen" era. It is now the finest game on any console this generation. That's right, Gears of War, GTA IV etc. have no choice but to bow to this majestic crown jewel. Until now, the Xbox had been the home of my favourite games, one and all. Now, my absolute favourite resides on my "big black engine that finally could." With the constant firmware updates, great lineup not only on the horizon but officially HERE (no more "wait beyond" comments fan kids), the PS3 has finally surpassed my 360 as my favourite console. Keep 'em coming Sony (and other devs).

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The story is too old to be commented.