5 Reasons the PS4 Is Better Than the Xbox One

GottaBeMobile: "The Xbox One and PS4 have been out on the market for around nine and ten months, respectively, give or take a few weeks. In any case, it hasn’t even been a full year yet, and I’ve already given up on the Xbox One and traded it in for a PS4.

I’m not saying I hate the Xbox One, but I’m simply just indifferent about it, and there’s nothing about the new console that makes me want to stay with it. Thus, it’s why I decided to give the PS4 a try."

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nicksetzer11089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

So basically, this is complete opinion based on mostly nothing. He prefers the controller, the rest is mainly just saying the PS4 looks prettier. (aka smaller, no power brick, etc) The hard drive thing is the most baffling of all. Why would you prefer exchangable hard drives to unlimited external storage? Replacing the internal harddrive leaves you with a useless 500GB HDD ONE time. External allows you to keep your 500GB HDD and add to your storage (portably) as many times as needed. (aka 1TB ext fills up, you can start using a second, while still accessing the first and the internal) this is reaching at it's finest.

I get that some people prefer PS4, (maybe even most) and everyone has a right to like/prefer what they want, but if your choice was made based on size of your console or it having a power brick ... well, that's sad.

AngelicIceDiamond1089d ago

"Why would you prefer exchangable hard drives to unlimited external storage"

I actually have to agree with you on that one.

Everything else is pretty nitpick but if those are his reasons then more power to him, game on.

lashes2ashes1089d ago

You can't play psn games off of a external harddrive. Unless Sony changed it. Plus do they make hybrid or solid state external drives? I'm not a huge pc spec guy so I'm not sure.

kickerz1089d ago

I stopped reading after saying Xbox controller feels cheap.... Wat the??? It's one of the best controllers I've ever used, rumble triggers feel good too. I'm guessing this guy never even owned an xbox (-_-)

XBLSkull1089d ago

Controller is much improved over DS3, but not 360/X1.

No power brick? Who really cares?

Smaller? Again, who cares?

You guys already nailed the HDD argument.

Remote play sucks. It's cool in theory, but using a touchpad on the backside for R2/R3 and L2/L3 is just horrid and doesn't work well.

donthate1089d ago

I was coming in with an open mind, but the reasons are stupid.

a) PS4 controller is better is highly subjective, but it isn't even the common consensus. I prefer the Xbox One controller, but some prefer the PS4 controller. Pointless discussion!

b) No external power brick is in my case an unfortunate side thing, as I travel a lot and take my console with me. In the US there is 110V, and in Europe there is 220V with different plugs. Far easier to work with an external power supply than a fixed 110V internal one. I also managed to damage my first one, which I replaced far easier than replacing the console. You do save some space I suppose, but for home use or travel use, the external supply is better for me. Still not a reason why I would choose one over the other.

c) Console is smaller is not a reason why I would pick up a console. Smaller is nice, but not a basis for a purchase. I didn't buy the Wii, because it was small. Another stupid reason!

d) User replaceable hard drives? Nice, but external hard drives easily attached and detached with all your games moved to another console on attachment is much better!

e) Remote play with a PS Vita: I wouldn't get a PS Vita, but this is a legitimate reason. Congrats.

In short, I think there are some advantages to PS4 and many on Xbox One, but this list doesn't touch on the significant ones.

nX1089d ago

Some of the reasons in the article are stupid but that doesn't mean that there are many more reasons why PS4 is the better investment. In the end it mainly comes down to games and not only do multiplatforms run better on PS4, also there is more quantity and quality in the exclusive lineup. Opinions are one thing but if you look at the past every Xbox was crushed by Playstation in that aspect.

Ares84HU1089d ago

Yep, pretty much his own opinion and we really don't need articles like this fueling a dumb console war. Let everyone choose what console they want and be happy with that choice.

Also, just upgraded my ps4 with a 2TB HDD but if xbox one can use a 4TB external than that is just great and something sony should also look into. As for the 500GB hdd, just sell it on ebay. Problem solved.

callahan091089d ago

@XBLSkull, remote play doesn't suck, it depends on the game. I've been playing tons of Diablo 3 remote play. I re-arranged the buttons so my R2 is now the armor ability and the secondary attack is O (so I basically switched O and R2 from the default), because I almost never have to use the armor button and I use the secondary attack button all the time. After making that change, playing Diablo 3 on the Vita controls very smoothly.

N4Flamers1089d ago

Well there is a reason that changing out a hard drive trumps an external, and thats speed. When you change out a hard drive you get the choice of a solid state drive, a hybrid with flash memory or a regular hard drive. A solid state will load a game faster than a hybrid or regular drive. Ss is about 8 seconds compared to 30 from a regular. A hybrid loads at regularly the first time but uses that flash to speed things up.

4Sh0w1089d ago

I'm all about opinions, but this reminds me of "that guy" in one of my philosophy classes that always had terrible reasons for why he chose a particular position. Yes, some opinions are worthless but that's up to the listener to decide in this case to me the author sounds like "that guy".

levian1089d ago

I can't believe these types of articles are coming out. I mean honestly, it was acceptable at last year's E3 when they were both just recently announced. But come on, this is getting ridiculous. I can't be the only one who thinks so.

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kayoss1089d ago

Reason why is because a gaming console could be a center piece of your entertainment hub. Who the hell wants a damn external hard drive sticking out of a nice looking machine? If I want my entertainment hub to look nice and clean, I for sure wouldn't want wires hanging ou.

Jdoki1089d ago

I see where you're coming from - but with a power brick, plus cables, and HDMI cable all hanging out of the machine, one more cable for a discreet 2.5" external drive doesn't seem like a big deal.

I'd just tuck the drive behind the XB1 - it's not like the XB1 is a pretty looking box anyway.

Alsybub1089d ago

On that basis you'd have a tough time turning on your console without wires attached.

Also, the usb ports are at the rear. With almost all USB drives being 2.5" you simply aren't going to see it.

Volkama1089d ago

The TV is the centre piece of any entertainment hub. Everything else should melt away, and perform it's function out of sight and out of mind.

donthate1089d ago


Centerpiece of our entertainment hub?

MysticStrummer1088d ago


Centerpiece of our entertainment hub?"


You think MS wasn't going for that with "All in one"?

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DualWielding1089d ago

External HD support is one area where the Xbone has the PS4 completely owned, Sony has do to somethinga bout that or they'll be in trouble

MRMagoo1231089d ago

You don't need it on the ps4 , the ps4 can have its internal hdd changed, why would you want to attach an external one as well?

nX1089d ago

I would never play games through external HDD's, not only does it consume more power, you also strain it unnecessarily. I always had this choice on my PC but I always copied the games to my internal HDD that has more than enough space. I went full digital this gen and bought many PS4 games and I have no space issues at all, this argument is not very potent imo.

DualWielding1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

External HD has two major advantages over replacing internal HD:

1. If you replace your internal HD with a 2TB you have two 2TB. If you add a external 2TB to your internal you have 2.5TB with the sizes of downloads and all disc based games requiring full game installation you may end up missing those extra 500GB.

but more importantly 2.

2. If you fill your 500GB and need to upgrade to a bigger internal HD... you have to redownload the 500GB worth of data again..... which wouldn't be much fun.....

It wouldn't be so bad if Sony provided some mechanisms to do HD to HD transfer when upgrading your HD but as thing stands where your only option is redownloading everything.... Microsoft's system is much superior

@Bloodborn even if you prefer running all games from the internal HD having the option of an External one allows you to back up games you won't be playing so you don't have to redownload say 50GB worth of the Last of Us again when you want to replay it in the future....

nX1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I prefer the option to upgrade my internal HDD in any case, I already have determined which HDD (1TB SSHD) I'll get, I'm just waiting until I really need it. Like I said, I would not use external HDD's for gaming at all, USB is not made for these kind of data streams.

Also redownloading is not a problem for me (I wouldn't have gone full digital if it were one), I downloaded TLOU:R within an hour.

nicksetzer11089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

@bloodborn 5V 2A is "a lot of power?" That is what external harddrives run on. Also, your "strain" argument makes no sense either as external harddrives ARE internal harddrives in an enclosure. So anything you feel comfortable doing on one should be the same on the other. Lastly, if your concern is running the games on the internal, (again not sure why you would) you do realize that you can transfer back and forth between internal and external storage in a matter of minutes. (ie. If a game is on your external, you can click "move to" and choose your internal)

I think most of your concerns come from lack of understanding about external harddrives.

XxExacutionerxX1089d ago

A power brick is good for a console because it doesn't cause it to over heat. Also if lighting strikes your house the surge of electricity will kill the brick not the console.
At this point I don't care about cpu or gpu because the wii u has better games than both consoles. Indie games are terrible, Road Not Taken is the perfect title to explain where I'm at with indie games.
I feel sorry for this gen of consoles, all we are going to get are games Remaded Redux Remastered Redone Re1080p Rewhatever from last gen.
Ps4 and Xbox One are so small from the ghaphics of last gen that when I see the ghaphics comparison video, it's like going from a old pair of glasses to a new pair that's only slightly better.

deafdani1088d ago

"Microsoft's system"

I know this article talks specifically about PS4 vs Xbox One... but I need to point out that this system has been available on the Wii U since it launched, a full year before those other two consoles.

It supports external hard drives, which can be added to the total memory available for the console, without redownloading anything, etc, etc, etc.

DualWielding1088d ago

@Deadfani, yes I know the Wii U have also had external HD support since launch, which is why is so pathetic that Sony still doesn't have it.

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Clown_Syndr0me1089d ago

The external power supply is better IMO. My Xbox runs cooler than my PS4 and if the power supply was too break I could replace it without replacing my console.
As for the hard drive Id like the option of changing them and having external support, although external is preferable as I already own several external HDDs and it is no work plugging one in.

mixolydian_id1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

External supply has always been better.

They're supplied with every laptop... there is good reasoning behind it:

Including replaceable parts
Unit temperature (not pushing fans into overdrive the moment the unit becomes under load)

External HDD is undeniably better.

Sata 2 = 3GB/s
Usb 3 = 5GB/s
Sata 3 = 6GB/s

Sata 3 is used with SSD's to allow maximum read/write access. USB isn't far from it and it supply's power to the device at the same time.

Can anyone confirm if the internal drives on both console have Sata 2 or 3 interface?

Because if it's sata 2... switching the internal within the PS4 for SSd will only provide a minor bumph in comparison to what it's potential read/write's would be.

As for power bricks and externals being visually present in the system.

I have a 2.1 home cinema with blu-ray, Xbox 360, BT Youview box and 5.1 surround head phones recievers/cables...alongside my TV.

I don't think it looks like an eyesore at all.

Plenty of room for a stackable console and external's including power supplys.

As for Hybrid drives... there's only a mere 8GB pen drive of flash memory... so you will only see improvements in boot times.
Write speeds are exactly the same, so installations are the same.
If the OS boot files are loaded into it.... it'll just function like a standard HDD.

MRMagoo1231089d ago


The good reason for laptops to have external hdd is because they don't fit inside a slim line thin pc which is what a laptop is , it's not because it's better, it's because of necessity. The xbone has no excuse , Its big enough to house an airbus.

OpenGL1089d ago


Laptops use external power supplies because they are portable and it would be dead weight when running on battery. Most other non-portable electronics use internal power supplies like cable boxes, audio receivers, TVs, etc.

SATA2 is limited to 3Gbit/s not GB and while most consumer SSDs now have sequential read/write speeds in the 500-600MB/s range, their true advantage is in access time. The PS4 does not benefit greatly from an SSD just as the PS3 didn't but it's not because of SATA limitations, but because games aren't structured in a way to take advantage of random read / write speeds on consoles.

You can't put an SSD in an Xbox One but I'd bet the improvement would also be a lot less significant than it would be on a desktop, similar to the PS4. A 7200RPM hard drive upgrade is a more cost-effective storage replacement on a game console.

ThanatosDMC1088d ago

So comparing a console to a laptop. Gotcha.