The Best Console Bundles

IGN - Your guide to the best PS4 bundles and the best Xbox One bundles.

Ready to splurge on a new system? Don't just shut up and let them take your money. Whether you want the best deal on a PS4, an Xbox One, or a Wii U, it pays to shop around.

Now that we're nine months into this bold new generation of gaming hardware, the bundles have emerged and the deals are getting better and better. We've rounded the best bundles for netting games and accessories on the PS4, Xbox One, and the Wii U, so have a look and know your options before you slam down your cash.

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Illusive_Man1449d ago

The Xbox One bundles are better IMO because the do what a bundle is suppose to do and provide value. What I mean is take the Sunset Overdrive Bundle for example at $400.You essentially get the game free and you can still spend an extra $50 and pick up Destiny which is the identical to the PS4 version. The PS4 Destiny Bundle is just a white PS4 plus the full retail price of Destiny.

Xbox One has the better deal. Also the COD AW Bundle is just sick. Extra 500gigs plus the ggame, plus unique designed console for $500.

No brainer.

SoapShoes1449d ago

Being less expensive doesn't mean it's a better deal. It's a good deal, not better. If it were $350 then I'd agree, but at $400 it's the same price as a more powerful console with more games in development. Plus the PS version of Destiny has exclusive stuff and will continue to get exclusive stuff in the future. Sony was really smart doing that.

bouzebbal1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

best bundle for me:

end of story

user3672721449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Agrred illusion..xb1 white Sunset is the best deal and if you add in destiny is the same price as the completion...not to mention buyers can also look forward to the greatest gaming value in a game in HAlo MCC with replay Value through the roof, Forza Horizon 2 and all the great third party games like COD, Assassin Creed Unity while having option to store all these XB1 games on their own external HDD and play their own custom musics while fragging with friends through dedicated servers.

It is a bo brainer really.

Evilsnuggle1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

[email protected]

For once in a lifetime I agree with you . The Illusive_Man is a hard core Microsoft fan . But you I totally agree with you . Sony should not get cocky they should be matching every deal, discount and bundles Microsoft offers. Sony should not rest on it's sales lead. Sony should not give Microsoft a opportunity . This gen Sony will not double or triple the sales of x1 in North America . That is my opinion I think that xbox is to strong of a brand in North America . I don't think PS4 will crush x1 in North America. It's the opposite in Europe Microsoft has lost all their new market share gain from 360. 360 was the biggest selling console every in the U.K . Now PS4 is out sell x1 double in the U.K . It's worse than That in the rest of Europe. PS4 is out sell x1 4 to 1. Sony can't take x1 for granted in the north American were 360 was the market leader.

Yes Sony fans will say PS4 has better hardware than X1 and is worth more. Yes PS4 has superior hardware. But that is something that just core gamer or people who follow the gaming industry know. A soccer mom goes in to Walmart to buy a game console for her son . Maybe a girlfriend want to give her boyfriend a console for a birthday surprise. Soccer mom or girlfriend can see the X1 bundles id a game console with a free game for $ 400 bucks and a PS4 bundles $460 . Which one do you think she will buy . She doesn't not care about PS4 is more powerful . No she can see both play call of duty . But soccer mom can see one console come with a free game.

Sony will make a big mistake if it doesn't not match x1 price in game bundles.

Chevalier1449d ago

Identical? So you've played both Xbox One and PS4 versions? Otherwise that'd baseless assumption. PS4 has had better running versions of EVERY 3RD party games.

They also have more retail and indie exclusives and games in general.

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GodGinrai1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Im part exchanging my X1 for the COD edition. I love the design. Im giving GAME a standard controller with it, though. keeping my day one edition controller that came with it.

That white PS4, though..Oh pretty! Hope they sell that controller by itself asell, even if in limited numbers. I have the urban camo controller, but a nice white back up one would be nice.

GodGinrai1449d ago

thanks Chevalier.

I always been a bit of a controller horder. I keep the nice ones for myself and let my friends use the standard black one.

colonel1791449d ago

Mario Kart Wii U bundle is amazing and great value.

Destiny White PS4 bundle is great because the console is white (and also good value)

Xbox One... I like Sunset Overdrive bundle, because it's the only game for Xbox that I am interested at the moment, and also the console is white, and at the same price.

DougLord1449d ago

This is a case where everybody wins. $400 for a sexy white Xbone and SO. And while the white PS4 isn't giving you a discount on Destiny it's still really nice looking