NHL 15 Demo Review (one game is enough)

Gamevet Hockey Glory tries out the NHL 15 demo on Xbox One and it looks like EA Sports fanned on the shot.

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LoTuZ1450d ago

I'll be buying it. But sucks no OTP; at least right away there won't be. Boo.

SonyKong641450d ago

bad review, game plays butter smooth on ps4. Can't wait to play friends online.

I've played nearly every game in this series and this one feels quite good indeed.

DefenderOfDoom21450d ago

Did EA put NHL15 DEMO behind a paywall ?

Soldierone1450d ago

Gotta disagree a lot

- White ice, turn your brightness down.
- Players barely better than last gen? Really?

A lot of this just seems like nitpicking to try and bash the game. For being a sports title, this game is pretty awesome. Next year will be better, but for being the first one on next gen? This is great!

Heck the stuff actually worth complaining about isn't even mentioned because too much focus on nitpicky things. Sorry but looking at Stats isn't going to break the game.....

PS4isKing_821450d ago

Played this last night. Absolutely amazing and fun as heck. Been ages since I enjoyed a good hockey game. Can't wait to buy my copy in two weeks.

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