Metal Gear Solid 4 Close Quarters Combat Guide

TalkPlayStation writes: "Ever wanted to know how to do some cool melee moves but didn't know how to? Well after watching the following video you will be an expert at close quarters combat in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Basically this video will show you how to:-

* Hold up enemies at gun point
* Pat for items after holding up your enemies
* Throw down enemies after patting for items
* Grab enemies after gun point

Once you have an enemy grabbed it will go into 1 of the 7 maneuvers."

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TheExecutive3836d ago

cool video and not really any spoilers

Alcohog3836d ago

Sweet vid. I was having trouble figuring out the choke on the ground move. I also didn't know you could throw them down and pat them down on the ground.

solidt123836d ago

Yeah for me these are the hardest ones to pull off. Great video.

Pornlord3836d ago

It took me a while to firgure this out on my own, wish this would have been made yesterday :) I've been shot and killed so many times due to messing up CQC... I'm a master now though. :)

Kleptic3836d ago

yeah that drove me crazy early on too...the manual does a pretty poor job of explaining it imo...I kept holding R1 as I snuck up on people...which won't do just have to press and hold R1 as you are about to bump into them...the slams and stuff are pretty easy, as well as hold ups too...but yeah, the dropping a guy to the ground and rolling over on him is tricky...why you would need to do it that way is beyond me too...I usually just slit their throat if their is a lot of enemies around...if not pat them down, get their stuff, then shoot them in the face after you crush their stones...

there are some situations though that the CQC is nothing short of awesome...guys won't shoot at you when you grab an enemy (unless of course they get behind you), and you can just pick them off with the ACP all day...then finish the guy you are holding...its really cool how it makes certain parts of the game a whole lot easier...very few games encourage you to get close to enemies like this...its one thing I have always liked about MGS games...

Heaven_Or_Hell3836d ago

I was very good in MGS3 in CQC, MGS4 will not cause any problemes I think... Till i'll get it =(

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