Kinect for Xbox One to go on sale in early October and retail for $149.99

It appears that the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor may have been worth more than the $100 we all thought, making the $499 price tag of the Xbox One with Kinect a pretty good deal. Microsoft will be selling a standalone Kinect Sensor at the beginning of October, and it will retail for $149.99-which would actually end up costing users who bought a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One $50 more when buying the Kinect Sensor separately.

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4logpc1393d ago

Same as the original Kinect. I thought it would of been a bit higher.

Not a bad price at all.

migh_and_highty1393d ago

For an unsupported peripheral, yes it is a bad price. $100 seems reasonable, i'd even question value in that, but im sure it'll eventually drop 50 bucks long term

uptownsoul1393d ago

So once again the Xbox One with Kinect bundle is the better value, but people weren't buying them as much as Microsoft liked. Why didn't Microsoft just drop the price of the Kinect Bundle to $399, I mean have enough funds to subsidize the difference. I don't understand the rational back in early May

HugoDrax1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

"For an unsupported peripheral"

as a video game peripheral yes it is under supported, as a device used for research by universities and engineers? It's very supported. I'm sure you will see the many uses for it once MIT fabrication labs, and Harvard faculty get their hands on it. I think it's an amazing piece of tech, I just don't see many uses for it from a games standpoint.

Personally, I wished there wasn't 2 versions of KINECT 2.0. Although I do use my XB1 KINECT for voice commands, I wish I could use it for an upcoming $20,000.00 grant project I'm working on. Instead I have to order the Windows PC compatible KINECT 2.0.

ABizzel11393d ago

If you want one that bad you can get it on Ebay for 1/2 the price, and less.

700p1393d ago

Its not supported on videogames currently. BUT other means they are.

badz1491392d ago

I believe the Kinect 2 doesn't cost even close to $100 to make.

this is just a marketing strategy:

1. So consumer will think the earlier $499 SKU was actually a great value

2. at the same time, not pissing off early adopters

3. to coup back R&D losses aka. to squeeze as much money as possible from people who are buying just the Kinect for anything else AND suckers who refused to buy the $499 SKU to begin with

AngelicIceDiamond1392d ago

give it another year and MS will once again bundle Kinect with the console at a reasonable price.

KevinRHG1392d ago

Dance Central, Fantasia, Fru, Kinect Sports Rivals, Skype, Xbox Fitness, Voice commands, Instant log ins.

Kinect is already supported and its not even a year old. Now you can say something cliched that you have no interest in those games but that does not mean its unsupported.

Volkama1392d ago

@Hugo this is the video game peripheral. You won't be finding XBox One consoles in medical labs or research facilities to plug this device into.

It is fair to question the level of support it will get, and whether it is worth the asking price.

Personally I like Xbox fitness and my son likes Kinect Sports Rivals, so there is already some value to me. But I would find it hard to justify $150 on it.

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OrangePowerz1393d ago

Ehm given that the normal X1 bundle with Kinect is 499 + free game it is a bad price since Kinectless X1 + stand alone kinect = 549. I don't see the point of pricing it at 149 given that this version can't be used on PC and works with the X1 only.

dirkdady1392d ago

Msft can take the kinect and shove it..! Lol

Seriously, who would by a dead peripherial. Might as well sell it at a bargain price to try to drive adoption by removing that price barrier.

Fatal-Aim1393d ago

i know kinect is advance and all, but how ever will they justify the price of this device over the PlayStation Camera at a mere $40 to $60 - especially if they decide to follow Sony into the VR space? what is that....$440 to $460

this kinect is no longer competing with the last gen, 2D PSeye camera. kinect is now competing with a stereo camera (3D) and DualShock 4's standard light bar.

don't get me wrong, kinect 2 is still more advance than this stereo camera, but unlike last gen, it won't be nearly as noticeable as kinect vs PSeye since the stereo camera has adopted most of the features that's made kinect popular to the media in the beginning and then some. combined it with the DualShock 4's light bar or Move and it starts to become balanced if not down right unfair.

OOMagnum1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I disagree the kinect 2.0 can track your heart rate, has way better tracking and it can see in the dark. Unfortunately the ps eye cant come close to that.

Sitdown1393d ago

How can Lexus justify a price higher than a Honda Civic? Its simple.... It's believed that the kinect is more advanced, and therefore has a higher price tag. Do you know the VR price? If not, all you got is invalid numbers and speculations.

Evilsnuggle1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

The kinect is the most advance technology that no one wants. That's why Microsoft unbundled it from the x1 . By Microsoft own account the x1 sales doubled and interest in the x1 skyrocketed without the kinect.

uptownsoul1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

@Sitdown The problem with your example is that Microsoft themselves aren't going to be supporting the Kinect for the foreseeable future (laying off the Kinect developers at Rare, announcing 2 or 3 new bundles-NONE with kinect)…So its like buying that Lexus car after Lexus themselves, all but said they weren't supported that model anymore.

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aragon1393d ago

I think it's a bad price for them right now, because they are playing catch up if they r going to sell kinect at that price I think they should drop the kinect and xbox bundle to 450 and drop the standalone xbox one to 350. Other wise at that price I think it will bomb if no games support it

Fatal-Aim1393d ago

@ OOMagnum

what I am looking at is the PRICE to the consumer. unlike last gen, those same consumers are not so eager to go for motion gaming this time on the kinect. and even with this new kinect, the latency is STILL pretty bad - especially when compared to a light bar. check out kinect sports rivals. and because the camera is not standard, I think it'll be quite difficult to convince the consumer that heart monitoring and night vision is enough to justify the price over another camera that basically covers a lot of the same, basic function.

Axios21393d ago

Sooooo glad I got a Titanfall edition with Kinect and the top selling fps of 2014 (so far). Got it all $450, great deal

ITPython1392d ago

What's worse, buying the $500 bundle with practically no game support for Kinect but you still get a tangible product out of it, or paying $400 for a kincetless version that should actually be $350?

So what do the gamers get for that extra $50? We might as well look at it as a fee for not having kinect bundled with the console.

What's even more amazing is that MS would rather have people pay $400 for a $350 product (short-term gains), than actually offer that product for what it's worth (long-term gains). So not only does it screw over their customers, but MS screwed themselves over too since sales would have been MUCH better with a price drop to $350.

But no, MS would rather drop the price just enough to match the PS4, then pocket the extra $50 per console sold because they knew they could get away with it.

MS's greed knows no bounds. And apparently their lack of business-sense has no boundaries either, as dropping the price to $350 would likely have the XB1 compete almost toe-to-toe with the PS4 in sales.

Also if we are to debate whether or not MS ate the extra $50 on the $500 bundle version... then why couldn't they continue to eat that $50 with a $350 version? Business wise, it would have been the one-two punch the XB1 desperately needed to start gaining ground on the PS4.

2cents1392d ago

hopefully soon there will be justification for that price when there are some compelling pieces of software that make owning it desirable for the masses.

I like Kinect for the integration and navigation stuff but I personally want to be able to use it for more than just talking to my tv. Its been long enough me thinks... Time to get some games to showcase Kinect!

greenlantern28141392d ago

Isn't fair to assume that people that waited and bought the kinectless XB1 did so because they don't want the Kinect. Also fair to assume anybody that wanted one would just get the original XB1 with Kinect.

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daggertoes831393d ago

Is there really demand for this for that price?

Eonjay1393d ago

I don't know but it seems like Xbox should be 350.

Letthewookiewin1393d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. Take away Kinect, drop system 100$. But sell Kinect alone for 150$. It dosnt add up. I can hear MS right now, "Don't think about it, it makes more sense".

xxBiG_BoSSxx1392d ago

There are more costs involved with it being standalone, such as shipping/freight, and packaging. That is probably what accounts for the increased price.

ITPython1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

@xxBiG_BoSSxx - So your saying that the additional costs of packaging/shipping/etc amounts to 50% of the products price? Sorry, but no. It's probably equates to a dollar or two extra per unit, and even that is likely an overstatement due to them dealing in bulk (it's probably mere cents extra per unit when all is said and done).

MS is simply charging people $50 more than they should for the XB1 just so they can make a little extra per console. Which in reality is pretty stupid of them, as the XB1 sales would have been significantly better if it dropped to $350 (which is real close to what the console is actually worth in regards to it's weaker hardware in comparison to the PS4.)

Just one more example of a poor business choice by MS, and also another example of how they treat their customers by overcharging for no reason other than to make a few extra bucks in the short-run.

JeffGUNZ1392d ago

It's a business strategy. They say you can buy Xbox One for 399 without the camera and down the road, you can pick the camera up if you want for 150. Or, you can buy the kinect bundle for 499 and save 50. Just like if you buy a season pass for DLC, you save money by doing that if you bundle as opposed to buying separate.

JeffGUNZ1392d ago


What? How much does it cost Sony to make a console? Is it exactly 399 per console? Your comment is a little bias if you read it the way you wrote it brother. You or myself have no idea what the actual cost of an X1 is, so how can you make a statement that MS is "simply charging people $50 more"? The original Kinect was the same price as this, perhaps MS realized they couldn't launch a system at $550 with kinect being mandatory purchase when PS4 was launching at 399? So many variables here that it looks bias that this is the one conclusion you drew.

These companies, Sony and MS, are attempting to make a profit, so how can you single out MS but not mention Sony. Do you really think Sony are selling consoles with the effort to make zero profit, rather break even?

Unless you have factual proof of the costs per single unit of X1 without a kinect then you're truly speculating. Also, I'm curious to see the cost per single unit of PS4 too, to see what the difference in profit is per console.

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aviator1891393d ago

I'd definitely get a kinect 2.0 for windows, considering how extensively you can apply it to applications, but until microsoft shows me a few kinect games worth getting, I'm not investing in the x1 version, especially not at this price.

HappyWithOneBubble1393d ago

If you can't wait you can buy one off ebay for half the price.

GameingmyLife1391d ago

save my self some money found it for 50 on CL... but why all the disagree because im waitingon something.. wow....

greenlantern28141392d ago

Then why didn't you buy the already available Kinect bundle and save yourself 50$

avengers19781391d ago

Disagrees are cause you can already get it cheaper, or could have gotten the bundle XB1 for less $... Plus people generally dislike the kinect.

xX1NORM1Xx1393d ago

Wait my cex had them for £20 I know that's second hand but still I wonder if their price will go up

migh_and_highty1393d ago

2nd hand but new i believe, cex removed all kinects from their xbox ones and xbox titanfall bundles right after the price cut announcement

Father__Merrin1393d ago

yes CEX sell them £20, might be a good idea to buy a few to sell near Xmas on ebay.

I think Il buy a few to make funds for an xbox1