NFL Sunday Ticket arrives for PS4, PS3

DIRECTV's NFL service comes to the PlayStation Store for free, allowing PS3 and PS4 owners to watch NFL games in HD quality!

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Yo Mama1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

This seems awesome at first glance. However, I called in to order it, and was denied. Apparently, Unless you live in a few select apartment complexes, are enrolled in one of ten schools or live in one of 4 select cities, you will be denied.

I even explained to the customer service rep that my landlord will not allow a satellite anywhere on his home or in his yard, but was still denied.

The agent even let me in on a little secret. He said that Directv doesn't make anything off selling just the streaming services so that is why they have such strict policies regarding the streaming. Basically, they push people towards having to subscribe to a programming package in order for them to get NFL Sunday

You'd think they would want to take peoples money regardless. It's not like they have to send someone out to your house. It's not costing them anything to take my $200 and let me stream. Ridiculous.

sonarus1483d ago

lol well my apartment can't get direct tv so works for me:D

ShadowKingx1483d ago

working for dtv in the past, if your team is playing on another channel besides NFL ST channel, you will not be able to watch it on a NFL ST channel. So if you live in areas where you support your local NFL team, more than likely, you will never watch NFL ST channels. Luckily working for DTV i did not have to pay for it, but if i would have its a waste of money. just a heads up for people researching before getting NFL ST

sonarus1483d ago

yea but i live in houston and ma favorite team is the colts. I can catch 2 colts gm a yr plus whatever is on primetime

SpinalRemains1381483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

This service uses the free stream sites and streams it to your console.

In theory its great, but in reality it sucks overall. I purchased it the first two years on PS3, and there were a lot of issues.


Nolando1483d ago

you know with all the money M$ sank into the NFL you would think XBOX owners would get an official NFL streaming service with their XBL sub or maybe with another little sub on top of it.

but no... too good to be true...