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Cev writes "Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III is a hack and slash loot farming ga… OK, is there really any need to explain Diablo at this point? Or any of Blizzard’s primary three? Starcraft, it is not. Nor is it Warcraft. Assuming you’re one of the three people left in the world who don’t know what Diablo is, think Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (Titan Quest, Torchlight, Champions Of Norrath, Path Of Exile, Dungeon Siege – hell, even Gauntlet to some degree), but made by a company with the time, desire and resources to continue making it better post-launch."

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Kurisu1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I'm getting a PS4 in just under two weeks (can't wait to unbox it O_O) and I'll be picking up this game alongside it, with a second DualShock 4. Either a blue or red one to go with my shiny new white console. Looking forward to it!

Kurisu1391d ago

I'll have a white the box with the PS4 ;p gonna mix things up a bit! xD

shammgod1391d ago


Unless if you are in Japan, I don't think the red dualshock is coming to NA/EU for a can still import it, but it will cost more.

Both red and blue look awesome! I am going with the blue one to match the headset.

SaffronCurse1391d ago

Red & blue remotes are already in the US/Canadian market.

Kurisu1391d ago

Thanks, I will do! :)

And I'll be getting my controller from here

JackOfAllBlades1391d ago

I know get a red and blue and put the white one in between the 2. Murica!!

Tout Man Ifik1391d ago

@ shammgod,

I live in Belgium and the red controller is and has been readily available for sometime now. Its also in the Netherlands.