SNK Trademarks "Samurai Spirits" in Japan - Is the Popular Fighting Series Making a Comeback?

Few things bring the old glorious days of the Neo Geo back to life like thinking about the Samurai Showdown series, and looks like those memories might be awakened again thanks to two trademarks filings by SNK.

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Knushwood Butt1363d ago

More likely to be a pachinko machine.

If they are actually working on a 3D KOF game then I seriously doubt they have enough resources to work on another game in parallel.

Abriael1363d ago

Unlikely to be Pachinko. It's normally mentioned in the trademark document.

luis_spartano1363d ago

How about trademarkin' "Metal Slug"?

neogeo1363d ago

Best fighting game ever. It was so nextgen back in the 90's nothing came close to the graphics and sound of Neogeo.

CervantesPR1363d ago

PLEASEEEE PLEASSE I beg of thee be true!

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The story is too old to be commented.