PES 2015 Gameplay Preview Interview

Konami developer Tim Blair details the latest soccer offerings in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2015 in this exclusive interview from Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

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jagiii1486d ago

This game always is better than FIFA.

cell9891486d ago

FIFA has more of an Arcade feel, while this one has more of a Simulation style, which makes it less repetitive and with way more play making possibilities. In FIFA you always see the same plays, same trajectories and the same outcomes, its not as organic. PES has always been about multiple possibilities under the same scenario, feels more natural. IMO of course

iceman061486d ago

While FIFA has gotten better with that, I still agree with you. FIFA seems a bit more scripted in possibilities. PES does seem a bit more random, for the most part. As you said, it is a bit more organic. IMO, the build up is probably the best part of PES.

dreamoner1486d ago


It's like you're talking about 7-8 years ago. PES glory days. It changed a lot. PES got repetitive to the bones.

metalmatters1485d ago

I agree, PES is just more dynamic than FIFA, with Fifa the ball always feels magnetized

hello121486d ago

Fifa plays nothing like soccer no middle field build up at all. I might wait for this and pick it up for a change.

iceman061486d ago

Wouldn't say it plays "nothing like soccer". But, it surely doesn't represent or even replicate the FULL experience of a match. FIFA reminds me of's like break away soccer with very little build up. (especially through the midfield)

nfl1486d ago

Im only getting one and i am going to see the demo. I loved pes ps1/2 days. Went to fifa since 08. But i have been getting fed up with fifa 14. Im hoping this will be the one.

our_games_are_art1486d ago

Couldn't be any more excited for this game. I want the demo already!

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