The Daily Five: Second-String Sports Games

We can’t help but reflect on some of the franchises that tried to dethrone the king of their sport’s respective hill. So grab a spot on the bench as we list some of our favorite second-string sports games.

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Dabigsiebowski1486d ago

EA held onto the NFL license for as long as they could because they knew if they did, they would be able to milk that monopoly football for the next decade and which they did. I purchased Madden 15 lastnight and it will be the last, tired of EA not taking the time to do better and rushing a product just to milk the consumer football game base.

2k Needs to take 2 or 3 years and get it right just like they had it before EA's selfishness insued!

iceman061486d ago

I agree. This whole "deal" was less about competition and more about starving out the competition. Remember, when the license was up there were rumors that 2K was up for sale. It wasn't a great time for 2K. Flash forward a decade and 2K is still in the game. At the time, 2K didn't have the funds to get into a bidding war over the license. This was known. Now, it's probably less about money and more about how to return to a franchise that hasn't been touched in more than 10 years. That being said, I believe if they wanted to, they could give Madden serious competition within 2-3 games.

desolationstorm1485d ago

NFL 2K5 is perhaps the best football game released. Blew away madden that year and was a shame it didn't get a chance to grow. The series was getting better every year.