Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Respawn Will Discuss “AAA Combat” at PAX Prime

This year PAX Prime will host quite a few video game related panels, and the schedule includes a quite interesting one if you’re a fan of Uncharted, inFAMOUS or Titanfall.

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xHeavYx1450d ago

Nice, I was only able to get Saturday tickets. I'm glad they picked that day

Abriael1450d ago

Yeah looks like it'll be one of the most interesting panels at PAX

Jihaad_cpt1450d ago

You lucky fish I would love to go but I am on the other side of the world so... Enjoy

S2Killinit1450d ago

its knights of the round table.

user56695101450d ago

AAA combat lmao. Is this going to be some revolutionary combat that only could be done on new systems. Can indies do this so-called AAA combat? I hope it's something new and fresh but it's sounds like pr.

tlougotg1450d ago

Look at his corny name, tht says it all lol

dcj05241450d ago

Right? What does AAA combat even mean? High-Quality is a much better word.

user56695101450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Salty? I love ND games but you are telling me AAA combat doesn't sound like pr bs. Lille I said hope it's something fresh and new. Ps fanboys always defensive over their Sony

It just seemed funny to me. You mean to tell me we have AAA games and low budget games. And now we have AAA combat. What was combat before? Shouldn't it been in my AAA games. Somebody owe me money lol