PS4-PSVita Bundle already available in stores?

Apparently the famous bundle PS4-called PSVita Player Ultimate Edition, never officially announced, is already on store shelves, the confirmation comes from a photo...

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PANDAB1489d ago

Sweet Percy, Have Mercy. Looking good! I would get one for my brother at Christmas

fOrlOnhOpe571489d ago

The white PS4 and a white Vita would be tasty.

Joe29111489d ago

Been available in the UK (at GAME) for quite a while now.

colonel1791489d ago

It doesn't seem to be an official bundle, but one made from a retailer as a promotion.

DualWielding1489d ago

but a retailer wouldn't repackage the products only offer a bundle price and give each to you in their separate boxes

ArtificiallyYours1489d ago

A good way to give the Vita a fair lease on life. :)

uth111489d ago

I saw a PS4/Vita bundle advertised at Best Buy I think, around the time of E3

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