Amazon’s Twitch acquisition is about beating Google and Apple

Amazon is in a battle of ecosystems with Apple, Google, and others, and Twitch — along with gaming as a whole — is one of the weapons that Bezos plans to use in the fight.

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TheShrew1424d ago

Well, of course it is... And it's a good way to help do that.

iamnsuperman1424d ago

It is a perfect acquisition by Amazon. Linking product to what people are streaming is a good way to promote business. They could even expand beyond gaming with twitch. I know, primarily it is a streaming platform but it is a video service of sorts.

SpiralTear1424d ago

It definitely makes sense.

Paprika1424d ago

Makes sense i guess from a business stnd point.

But isn't it like the king of say... england, owning england... and then a revolt in... uh... bristol "bare with me..." by some wealthy noble and going on to then take over this large city. But still ultimately being smaller and likely the lesser of two evils.

Well most random comment of the day, goes too.....

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