Battlefield 4 has more players on PS4 than on PC

PlayStation 4 has overtaken the PC as the lead platform in Battlefield 4.

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Codewow1452d ago

Doesn't surprise me. PC gets no optimization anymore.

pedrof931452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Pc master race my ass.


"Yes. Because popularity says how good something is.

That is why Call of Duty and Wii Fitness are better games then The Last of Us and Alan Wake right?...

You disgust me."

What ?

venom061452d ago

this is a BULLSH%@ article... PC is STILL the lead platform for this game..everyone knows this, and YES, this game is incredibly fun and is worlds better from launch.

DoomeDx1452d ago Show
BiggerBoss1452d ago

@doomed. You need to calm down man. You take PC gaming way too seriously if his comment "disgusted" you so much.

OT: this is actually somewhat surprising to me, as Battlefield has always been a PC-in-the-lead kind of game. I guess this goes to show how popular Playstation is this gen. And no, this article doesn't state that more sales=better game

buttclown1452d ago

I haven't been into pc gaming for very long but I can tell you the people I do know don't play the same game for very long. Constantly switching to new games and steam sale games.

Also, I think the BF crowd would be 2x the size if it released with less bugs and glitches.

Irishguy951452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Console gamers accept mediocrity more than PC gamers. That's the difference. BF4 is a letdown. Very simple. PC has many more FPS games than the Ps4. Many superior FPS than BF4. BF4 is the best shooter on Ps4 right now and it's a pretty meh shooter.

Vegamyster1452d ago

I quit playing BF4 on the PC to play other backlog games lol.


It's not like the game didn't have issues on the consoles, regardless of the platform this game has had many issues.

BitbyDeath1452d ago


Tell that to all the PC people who still play the horrid GTAIV, should have been buried long ago.

buttclown1452d ago

You do realize though the pc people are allowed to mod their games?

BitbyDeath1452d ago

@buttclown, never said they couldn't.
You said PC gamers never play old games, I proved you wrong. GTAIV is an old game.

Enemy1452d ago

This is pretty shocking if true. Battlefield made its name on PC. Battlefield 2 is still one of the greatest multiplayer games ever made.

darx1452d ago

Drop Origin and I'd bet there would be an increase.

kreate1452d ago


some games are allowed to be mod and some games not. but whether a game is allowed or not, ppl just mod it anyways.

BattleAxe1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

The reason why there are more players for BF4 on consoles, is because console gamers love buying DLC and other micro-transactions, while PC players just aren't falling for it anymore. Aside from that, most PC players wont pay $60.00 for a game within the first year of release.

PC gamers, alot of times, will wait a year or so before making a purchase. Buying a game a year or two after release on PC isn't a big deal, as the communities for most games last much longer than on consoles. Games like Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are alive and well on PC, and pretty well completely dead on consoles. And then ther are games like Counter Strike.....

vishmarx1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


not saying we should support dlc but your master race ass would rather pay $1500 for graphic cards than pay $5 for games right?
free games FTW.
you wait 2 years to buy a game till its down to a tenth of its original price,thereby in no way contributing to the gaming industry but rather pumping thousands of dollars into hardware. id like to see pc gaming strive on its own for once

badz1491452d ago

I am mainly a PS fan for the exclusives and trophies but I also constantly game on PC for cheap games I can get my hands on from Steam.

but the delusions/arrogance of elitist pc gamers in this thread really disgust me.

"Yes. Because popularity says how good something is."

"...I can tell you the people I do know don't play the same game for very long. Constantly switching to new games and steam sale games."

"Console gamers accept mediocrity more than PC gamers."

"Many superior FPS than BF4. BF4 is the best shooter on Ps4 right now and it's a pretty meh shooter."

"because console gamers love buying DLC and other micro-transactions, while PC players just aren't falling for it anymore. Aside from that, most PC players wont pay $60.00 for a game within the first year of release."

"Show me the ps4 that can run it as well as a PC. The $400 cap holds no water for people that can afford to spend more than $400."

"bf4 is just bf 3.5 with many bugs so they moved on. People on ps4 has nothing else to play."

...and more!

WTF? it's like their buttcracks are itching to spread BS over things as puny as this! so the PS4 is leading in player counts in BF4 for some months now but so what? why is that FACT bothers some guys so much? Insecurity much? Some console gamers are bad too for taunting over this but for all those "PC MASTER RACE" talks around N4G all these times, you guys sure are a sensitive wuss to even get worked out over something this stupid!

andibandit1452d ago

Played BF4 to death on PC already(level 56 yeah not much, but im slow), kinda still play it, but there are soooo many other games in my catalog I havent even touched yet

Clown_Syndr0me1452d ago

In the eyes of devs/pubs, popularity = money.
So expect to see more CoD and Wii Fit and less TLOU and Alan Wake. Its business.

XB1_PS41452d ago

BF4 isn't that good. That's why my master race brethren aren't playing it. We have thousands of FPS games to choose from. PS4 just has a few, so it's obvious that the majority of the people playing FPS games will play the best one on that platform.

UnwanteDreams1452d ago

What I get from this comment section is this. If a game is doing better on a console than PC then it means , console has no games, or the game sucks. Stay classy PC gamers.

Wizard_King1452d ago

This doesn't surprise me one bit, PS4 has hardly any games so people play BF4 alot on PS4. PC has a shiz tonne of games on offer, seeing as BF4 has been such a mess a lot of PC gamers just moved on to the greener pastures of other games.

Let the Sony fans think this means something important lol. It's just a reflection of a lack of decent online shooters available on "next gen" consoles.

Xbox fanboys are always funny, but PS4 fans are scary stupid sometimes on here.

Big_Game_Hunters1452d ago

Makes sense. BF4 had a lot of problems and PC gamers have Sooooo many options so they can just play something better instead, meanwhile PS4 owners only have COD and KZ:SF for online FPS so their best bet is stick with bf4

SilentNegotiator1452d ago

The PC gaming community needs an attitude adjustment. Being antisocial, insecure, unfriendly elitists won't bring any new players to PC. PC gaming is the most open platform...why can't we be just as inviting as the platform itself?

papashango1452d ago

probably because pc gamers aren't fooled by Battlefield...

Paprika1451d ago

@ battleaxe

Uh, PC gamers don't fall for it? So console gamers are dumb? I can play battlefield on my 60" TV and regardless of how higher PC can display its resolution beyond 1080p it still looks epic... I also have the satisfaction my console does NOT look massively inferior at all.

Buy a car for 5k compare it to one which costs multiple times more to notice major differences. Modders on PC are open platform, allow consoles to do this I can promise you GTA 4 could be improved on ps3... let alone ps4 which is proven close to high end PC.

This console vs PC shit is so annoying... I know PC is more powerful. Consoles are not able to be upgraded like PC's.... the whole point of consoles are affordable high end gaming.... and uncharted 4 says my $300 console is worth my money more than your "modified cus I got more powaaaaa now" GTA 4 or.... just about any missed game.

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Chrischi19881452d ago

More like a too small library on PS4. PC has a huge library.

mysteryraz111452d ago

a huge library full of crappy nes looking indies and flash games, so thats the equivalent of bragging about tons of crap vs god level games ps4 is getting

Vegamyster1452d ago


"bragging about tons of crap vs god level games ps4 is getting"

The PC has an entire library made up of AAA titles from the past few console gens that can be revisited, every Steam sale or Humble Bundle i find games i missed the first around that are good.

andrewer1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@mysteryraz11 What's the problem with nes looking indies?

tee_bag2421452d ago

Truth is there's so many other games to be playing on PC. I have BF4 and have only played it for about 4 hours since its release.

TardcoreGamer1452d ago

Reason for this is simple. More FPS's competing for players' attention on PC.

How many FPS multiplayer games are currently available on PS4 for those $10 million gamers to choose from? 5? maybe 6 games?

Take a quick look at the player count for Couter Strike:GO on Steam today. It exceeds BF4 players on all platforms combined!!!

Chrischi19881452d ago

The disagrees I got, wonderfully represent the delusion and flood of PS4 fanboys on this site. It is a logic thing. If you dont have to many games to choose from, it is normal, that those available get played. If there is a bigger library, the install base will divide further onto different games. Hate it or love it, I dont care.

You get disagrees on this site, not for having a different opinion, just for a comment, that doesnt worship their beloved console. We are talking about PCs and consoles here, no need to get personally offended here...

"I like my PS4, he says something that is not saying the PS4 can do everything better, I GOT TO DISAGREE" I love that behaviour, especially because PS4 fanboys call everyone deluded, but who is really the deluded one here?

Vegamyster1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )



Opinion > Fact

here lol.

Spotie1451d ago

Is that why the last two games sold better on PC? Because PC had a too small library, and there was more to play on consoles?

It's not a logic thing, as logic would have included the information I've stated above. It would also mean the XB1 should have higher Battlefield sales, too.

If your comment is logical and/or factual, then logic/fact is a joke.

What's really sad about this site is how people like you can get away with passing off fanboy bias as anything but.

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MelvinTheGreat1452d ago

And yet PC game still look better...

InTheLab1452d ago

Show me a $400 rig that handles BF4 like PS4...

Volkama1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Show me the ps4 that can run it as well as a PC. The $400 cap holds no water for people that can afford to spend more than $400.

Back on topic, I'm quite surprised to see the ps4 version oust the PC version over time. But then I hear bf3 is still very active in the PC front, as a lot of the core audience prefer it.

Npugz71452d ago

Actually they look exactly the same but keep telling yourself that!!!

johndoe112111452d ago


He siad: "Show me a $400 rig that handles BF4 like PS4..."

You reply: "Show me the ps4 that can run it as well as a PC. The $400 cap holds no water for people that can afford to spend more than $400."

You do realize that your response actually proves his point right?

MaxwellBuddha1452d ago


Sure, just as soon as you show me a console that can do everything my PC can.

buttclown1452d ago

The problem with it is the people that play on pc, or the ones I know personally, are spending more than $400 to game. Anybody spending $400 or less on a pc isn't looking to play games on it in my opinion.

ImmortalCarrot1452d ago

It really depends on ones ability to purchase the rig to produce high end graphics. For starters, consoles aim for stability and ease of playing, while the pc counterpart focuses on raw power (provided with the ability to purchase the parts).

it also depends on the developers time and effort on optimizing on each platform.

Daniel_Potter1452d ago

Battlefield 4 runs at 1600x900
Meanwhile, R9 270 which costs just 200$ runs it at 1080p60fps. There been tons of videos using that video card as an example of a 400$ gaming pc.

Consoldtobots1452d ago

anyone that thinks they are building a $400 pc using a $200 GPU has never built a pc before.

dredgewalker1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Ok then try playing this game on a $200 video card.......just the the video card alone without the other components. $400 dollars alone ain't enough for a decent gaming rig.

Volkama1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@JohnDoe affirmative, I validate his point and reduce it to insignificance within the space of that comment. I would not attempt to build a PC for $400, I would buy a console. But that is an artificial victory, as I am not restricted to $400.

It is tiresome when people insist that we only discuss that budget purely because they want to claim fanboy points.

The game looks best on a good PC. The PS4 is a good option for $400. I don't see why anyone would try to dispute either claim.

Daniel_Potter1452d ago

The upcoming steam machine by Cyberpower at the price of 500$ offers
R9 270, AMD A6-6400K 3.90 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. As well as an OS, a controller and all that in a small compact case.
No monthly subscription required. And every weekend steam puts up 2-3 games on sale and lets people play them for free for the next 72 hours. Recent one was Dishonored and if you played that one you probably know that it ain't that long, about ~15 hrs. Still think PS+/XBL Gold isn't a rip off?

Evilsnuggle1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

[email protected]

Are you serious why are some pc enthusiast so delusional . Some of these pc enthusiast are just plain old insecure or jealous of the popularity of game console.

Volkama and other pc fanboys you can't build a PC at the same level a PS4 for $400 . This has been proven by GameSpot built a budget pc to match a PS4. With everything you need to game on a pc OS, mouse and keyboard excetera at $560 [email protected] and the pc enthusiast and fanboys just can't seem to comprehend that most people in the mainstream are not willing to pay $2,000-5000 for a high end PC to play games. That is why game consoles will always be more popular than pc gaming. Because of it's of the price point and price for preformance of game console vs pc. I am slightly interested in gaming on pc but at a low price point. I'm fine with the quality of PS4 I would like better preformance than The PS4 but not at a much higher cost. I have a wife children and I'm a homeowner . I have other priorities other than gaming . Console gaming is fine at the are price. I would never pay over a thousand for a pc it not worth it to me .Michael Pachter said that 85% of AAA games sales come from consoles . Yes pc gaming worldwide is larger than consoles. But worldwide most pc gamers just play MMO's. Game consoles are king of AAA games and are the major source of income for the gaming industry.

Secondly pc enthusiast and fanboys are constantly spewing off how superior pc is to consoles. Pc fanboys miss the point that console is far superior to pc when playing online multi player competitive games. Pc is plagued by hackers and cheaters . You get what you pay for with PSN and xbox live. Sony and Microsoft police there online multi player competitive games. Pc is free to play online games and you get horrible service full of hackers and cheaters.

Volkama1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Evilsnuggle, I'll quote myself. It will save you actually reading the whole comment you are replying to.

"I would not attempt to build a PC for $400, I would buy a console."

The PS4 is good value for $400. I can comprehend and appreciate that the price point appeals to a wider audience. I can also appreciate there are other advantages consoles have over PCs. Personally I play both.

But that doesn't contradict the initial statement you are replying to, which was that the PC version is the best looking. You're arguing against it without actually providing any argument.

dredgewalker1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Ok now that's a more reasonable hardware. But I still prefer gaming on different platforms. There are games that I can't play on pc and consoles. As for PSN plus, I don't feel too ripped off cause I get some free games as long as I have the subscription though steam makes the best deals.

Daniel_Potter1452d ago

Call of Duty 4 on PS3
Hacker free you say?
What about this game?

Consoles doesn't stop people from hacking, i actually doubt they even punish people from hacking

MysticStrummer1451d ago

"The $400 cap holds no water for people that can afford to spend more than $400."

I always imagined the master race as being more intelligent. What a meaningless response.

OT - Bad Company 2 is still where it's at.

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Magicite1452d ago

so new platform with 10m install base now leads over everything else? Impressive.

kingduqc1452d ago

With no other games to play*

bf3 bfbc2 and bf2 had more players on pc because they where good games. bf4 is just bf 3.5 with many bugs so they moved on. People on ps4 has nothing else to play.

Clown_Syndr0me1452d ago

I love BF4 but to be fair there isn't much else on offer in terms of FPS.
CoD, which many of us are bored to death of and Killzone which I personally dislike.
For many, BF4 is their first BF experience so for these people its fresh.

TheGreatAndPowerful1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Yeah that's not true...they get optimization tweaks and patches even before consoles do.

Patrick_pk441452d ago

It still receives optimization and improvements, it isn't the best but they are still working on improving the game.

Of course there are more people playing it on consoles. As a PC user, the backlogs of games is extraordinarily huge, and I stopped playing it after all these summer sales and better video games. The only first person shooter I play is Counter Strike Global Offensive, the rest tend to be garbage, and nothing is as competitive.

mmcglasson1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Well I have an extremely large backlog of PS3 games so what's your point? Some of them I could play on PS4 through PSNow if I thought that service was worth it, but it's not. At least with their current pricing model. If it was subscription based then sure. For the mean time, I have my PS4 hooked up right next to my two PS3's (with my original 60GB sitting on my shelf in its' box). I actually just beat The Last of Us on PS4 and I've had it on PS3 since the day it came out. I need to beat GoWIII but before that I still need to beat GoWII... So basically I still have PS2 games I have a backlog of. When EverQuest Next comes out... I doubt I will get a lot of those games played.

UnwanteDreams1452d ago

Yep I see this argument all the time but I too have a backlog of PS3 titles. This PS4 has no games will continue for another year or two. Then they will move on to another excuse to explain why PC is the best and PS4 sucks. Wait it out like they wait it out. Az

TonyPT1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I agree with what many people said here about how pc has many more fps games and lots of bugs. Those issues let down many gamers to the point of giving up. Apart from that, many sill refuse to use Origin.

On the other hand, that graph refers just to live players and I'm sure pc has a lot more buys than ps4.

Forgot to mention that myself, never really consider buying the game due to that awesome browser plugin that is required to play the game. I'm a programmer myself and there a few other much better options then this one.

Razputin1452d ago

This game was extremely optimized.

I ran this game full settings 150% scaling 200% dropped my frames under 60.

With that being said, this game is just a huge POS.

I love all the Battlefield games, but this is Call of Duty with vehicles.

Why is it since Bad Company 2 the destruction - realtime, has become non existent?

I know quite a few people that stopped playing BF4, and are going to skip Hardline as well.

Look at the popularity of all the other PC games.

UnwanteDreams1452d ago

Like MOBAs? Minecraft? Facebook games?

starchild1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

This is a very popular thing for console fanboys to say lately, but it's simply not true. I've gamed on the PC since the 80s and by and large the optimization of PC games is better today than at any other time in the past. Things like Mantle and DirectX12 will enhance that trend.

Battlefield 4 runs great on any decent PC. On my GTX 770 BF4's visuals significantly outpace the PS4 version.

Another very popular idea among console fanboys right now is this implication that if a certain game has more people playing it or buying it on console it suddenly means the PC version isn't superior. The failure in reasoning here should be obvious.

It doesn't matter how many people buy a Ford Focus, it will never outperform a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, for example.

I don't care how many other people own Lancer Evos or how the numbers compare to ownership of any other model of car, it doesn't change in the slightest how much I enjoy my Evo.

Likewise, am I supposed to enjoy Battlefield 4 less or pretend the graphics aren't better on PC the second it's reported that more people are currently playing it on a console?

truegamerkt1452d ago

What does all that have to do with more bf4 players on ps4?

Michiel19891452d ago

You live in your own world or something? Why are u talking about stuff not even connected to the article.

I know that you are afraid your posessions arent considered the best but let it go.

Your reasoning is completely flawed urself. You are saying the pc version of any game is always the best. If i buy Rogue Legacy for ps4 then i get ghe exact same version. Do stop scting like the pc is das dritte reich. Pc gaming is cool just like all other forms of gaming. No point in spreading bullshit for the sake of argueing.

Also some games have extra content vompated to the pc. I would rather call those the supreme versions, no matter the amount of pixels on pc. More content --> more pixels. If u think otherwise go watch pixar movies all day

JsonHenry1452d ago

Probably because most PC players won't play a crap game with bad netcode. When your options are very limited as to what you will be playing on a new system this sort of thing happens.

MRMagoo1231452d ago

If only that where true, because there are loads of ppl playing day z and thats wayyyyyyyy worse than bf4.

Are_The_MaDNess1452d ago

20 ticks per sec is NOT enough.

120 ticks should be standard by now as the web have expanded so much...... heck old CS and Quake had higher tickrate than what BF3-4 has.

tickrate, stable servers and a stable framerate in-game. is that so damn hard?

UnwanteDreams1452d ago

Total -BS and you know it. Json.