Rain Games On What Is Important for PS4 And Xbox One: Frame Rate or Resolution

"Ever since the beginning of the current generation of consoles, there has been a debate among the gaming community focusing on frame rate and resolution of PS4/Xbox One games."

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AngelicIceDiamond1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

This shouldn't be a big debate frame rate easily takes this. Because it improves gameplay.

I love my imagery but if the imagery is barely noticeable from a higher to a slightly lower pixel count, then is nearly redundant to compare which parameter should be more demanding.

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BitbyDeath1450d ago

Priority should be keeping framerate at or above 30fps, then raise the res to 1080p and then boost the framerate to as sky high as they want.

Thantalas1450d ago

It doesn't have to be either / or.
What I loved about The Last of Us Remastered was that it was in 1080p AND 60fps. Now I understand that it is a last-gen game with up-ressed graphics but that didn't stop it from looking great. The big test will be Uncharted 4 which has been purposefully designed for PS4. It will have a lot more graphical effects in it than TLOU:R but if that is also 1080p 60fps then we know it is possible as long as it is a top-tier studio with resources.

SuperBlur1450d ago

“It’s a question of balance, really. 60fps gameplay is essential for some genres, specifically those that feature a fast-moving or first person camera. For a slower paced game it might be worth sacrificing frame rate a bit for higher quality graphics, but you really have to consider it on a case by case basis, overall quality generally trumps quality in a specific area.”

Couldn't agree more ! Games like Batman Arkham , a lower framerate isn't going to ruin it if you have all the graphics maxed out. If you play BF/COD/CS/GTA/DOTA , you want the best possible FPS when playing online

lemoncake1450d ago

Game quality is the most important, a crap game is still a crap game even if it runs at 120fps and in 4k.

cell9891450d ago

I have to fully agree with you on that one, case in point the original Shadow Of The Colossus wasnt exactly a smooth frame rate or high resolution piece, but man it was amazing to play

700p1450d ago

Agreed. Its funny cus the sony fanboys were crying about xbox lack it doesnt matter to them because fps matters more to them now lmao (once xbox had accomplished 1080p on more games then they changed their tune)

Gamer7771450d ago

I find frame rate more immediately noticeable than resolution . Higher frame rates improve the smoothness of game, as opposed to resolution which just makes a game sharper (sometimes barely noticeable). A dev should never drop frame rate(unless it marginal) for a higher resolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.