SCEA Has No Plans To Offer Sixaxis Bundles In North America

Kotaku Write

"A Sony rep has just confirmed to Kotaku that Sony Computer Entertainment America has no plans to echo Sony Europe's move to clear out PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controllers by bundling them with games.

The bundles, retailing in Europe for €60, include one Siaxis controller and one of the following games: F1, GT5 Prologue, Folklore or MotorStorm. Looks like the package deal will be Europe-only, though."

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GiantEnemyCrab3837d ago

What a coincidence because I had no plans on buying it!

rogimusprime3837d ago

How are we american's ever going to sleep at night, knowing the crapaxis isn't coming to a store near us?

I didn't wait 19 months for the dual shock 3 bundle to lament the sixaxis' absence from the market.

If it was like $20......I still wouldnt buy it.

Pornlord3836d ago

Ohhhh, now come one. I actually like my six axis, it's light as a feather, which may scream cheap but I remember another really light controller that I still enjoy (NES, SNES). But I agree, this isn't a big loss. I'm glad Europe is getting more attention though. 360 and PS3 FTW.

thereapersson3836d ago

It's good for throwing when I get frustrated, and also for when friends come over. Otherwise I use my Dual Shock 3 for most other gaming by myself.