Jak 4 Project Currently in Development by Fans

Junkie Monkeys: We’ve discovered something pretty cool for all of you Jak and Daxter addicts out there! A few fans of the Jak and Daxter series have begun to take matters into their own hands. This group of dedicated fans have already started to develop their very own version of Jak 4!

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Majin-vegeta1426d ago

I hope Sony lets them go through and doesnt send them a decease letter.So it can show them that there's demand for a new Jak game

DiscoKid1426d ago


-Compliments from the Grammar Mafia

Rimgal1426d ago

Do they have any authorization from sony to use their IP?

Treezy5041426d ago

I doubt it. As long as Sony doesn't send a cease and desist letter and they aren't profiting from the game they should be ok.

Rimgal1426d ago

Who knows, maybe sony might surprise us, and let them do the game (under supervision of course) and give us Jak fans, the game we have been waiting for years.

98xpresent1426d ago

lol I got so excited but than I seen "fans"

DarkOcelet1426d ago

Fans can really make a game shines and feels so damn different with mods. Take for instance the lost alpha mod in Stalker shadow of chernobly , it really felt like that mod should be Stalker 2 , the amount of dedication for it was unbelievable and it took them five years to do it and it was amazing and had tons of excellent content , upgraded graphics , factions and alot more for free . Those people deserve an applause for their stunning work .

chrissx1426d ago

Me too. Wanted to go crazy then saw "fans". Major buzzkill lol. let's see what they come up with who knows.

WillGuitarGuy1426d ago

"Currently in Development..." - YES! FINALLY!

"by Fans" - Why Naughty Dog?! WHY?!

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The story is too old to be commented.