Rumor: Details On Sony's Motion Controls, No "Break-Apart"

Kotaku Write

"An anonymous industry source has told Kotaku that reports of a "break-apart" motion controller for the PlayStation 3 that splits into two parts are not entirely accurate."

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GiantEnemyCrab3834d ago

I am going to be laughing my claws off if MS announces the Newton on Monday AM and then Tuesday Sony annouces their "waggle" remote the following day.

I really hope neither are true because it does seem desperate on both their parts and a serious indication of a lack of their own creativity.

Going to be a great day for Wii fanboys who have been quiet for so long to laugh at these desperate attempts.

Silogon3834d ago

Why would you laugh? It only means 3 things.

1 - They're both following a trend and not listening to their consumers voice.

2 - Sony's been working on theirs just as long, if not longer than Microsoft has theirs so really, it's just about timing and not about who beat who to the punch bowl, is it?

3 - Motion controls suck and that's that. Consumers who buy into this junk are the same ones who buy 1 or 2 game a year. Hardcore gamers are the ones who buy 5 to 10 games a year and sit back, relax and enjoy their games with a controller.

Sad but true.

GiantEnemyCrab3834d ago

I guess my comment was less about who announces it first as much as when it's all said and done it is going to look rather desperate on both their parts.

I agree with all your points however.

power of Green 3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Despite who announces first there is a difference: When Sony announces motion tech its seen as Sony doing something great and gamers seem happy with that but when MSFT announces motion tech the media and rabid fan fucs from Sony call it a Wiimote *clone* and its a bad idea blah blah blah.

I dissagree with Silogon's 2nd point Sony had that motion dualshock pad. I think they're just repsonding to MSFT, Bill Gates has mentioned motion years ago I'm sure MSFT had back burner plans for motion perhaps before those two consoles even launched just incase(wii was successful plus they've had already invested in the concept years ago) only after sixaxis flopped and hearing rumors of MSFT's plans; did they come out with the news.

Remember Sony has been doing this this whole generation sitting back seeing what works on the competition then claiming what they have something to counter it and is right around the corner only supposedly delaying the product/content later knowing full well the product/content was not ready but they had to say something(example: all the things PS3 fans are waiting for now).

We'll see at E3.

GiantEnemyCrab3834d ago

Yes, I've already seen that happen already here and on other sites PoG. MS's is a Wiimote knock-off and they are uncreative for making it. While Sony's is new and of course it's been in development before the Wiimote(yeah right!) so it's a Sony innovation. LOL

Either way, I'm not interested in "waggle" otherwise I would buy a Wii.

Ali_The_Brit3834d ago

HOLY SH!T! its POG and giantenemycrab, havnt seen you two around the MGS4 articles, theres enough of them, would be intresting to know what you 2 have to say about its huge sucsess, 10/10 from gamespot and IGN ect ;)

MGS4- GOTY 08 you know its going to happen, it deserves it

DJ3834d ago

I don't think either company should announce these peripherals. It's just insulting.

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Will-UK3834d ago

sony will maybe announce this at e3

NO_PUDding3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

It's actually unlimtied parts, as it's a nano-reinforced technical putty, that can be kneaded to create an input to a hadrware device, and since it's so organic, it can be as natural as thinking with your hands!

whoknew3834d ago

Why would they announce a new motion control now? Its to late for that it will not work. Maybe next gen.

Clinton5143834d ago

BUT I'll be fine with it's existence as long as it doesn't harm the way we primarily game on the PS3.

I have a Wii and I don't want my other consoles to degenerate into basic game play.

Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

I wonder if it has some sort of connectivity with the PSeye.

Bibto3834d ago

That would be pretty nice. Create a break apart controller that breaks into 2 nunchuck like controllers with motion sensing in each.

Then put some infra red LEDs on each controller that you can track with the PSeye.

I hope that if they create this controller, it is something actually useful and not just a party game gimmick.

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