GamesBeat: The Walking Dead’s Season Two Episode Five lacks closure (review)

No Going Back is a quality episode, yet it fails to be as memorable as Season One’s ending, despite some intense and heartbreaking moments.

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darkronin2291421d ago

I feel like this season as a whole hasn't been as impactful/good as the first one. Maybe it's because so many other good story-based games have come out since then?

Sadie21001421d ago

Way to end on a downer!

HeavenlySnipes1421d ago

Because they already announced a season 3. Why would they close off Clem's story?

aLiEnViSiToR1421d ago

... so Season 3 might end Clem's story and Season 4 could start Alvin Jr. story hmm they cant keep this up for 10 more seasons xD

ps: i cant wait for Game of Thrones by Telltale :D