The Super Smash Bros. Character Leaks Remind Us That Some People Love Ruining the Fun

This week's likely-legit character leaks for Super Smash Bros. remind us, and Masahiro Sakurai, that there will always be somebody who doesn't want us to have nice things.

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Codewow1490d ago

I'm sorry, but how does it ruin the fun if it's your decision to view the article that includes the leaked information? There should be a saying, "If you don't want to know something, don't look on the internet."

EliteGameKnight1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

True, but to be fair: nearly everyone would probably look regardless if they want it spoiled or not. What could be unfortunate is that since most of the new characters in Smash Bros have been revealed throughout a series of, in my opinion, well-made and amusing videos, we may never get to see them for these leaked characters. There is now no point in showing them, The surprise is already spoiled.

It's the same as when we were children and we managed to catch a peak of our Christmas presents. Sure it was exciting when we found out, but we didn't have quite as much enthusiasm as our siblings when Christmas finally came around

Codewow1490d ago

So you're saying you have no control over whether you click a link to see spoiled video game content or not? It requires an extremely low amount of will power to say "I'll just wait until it's released" and move on to the next article. I saw these articles announcing leaked content. I have yet to click on them and I am looking forward to the game.

EliteGameKnight1490d ago

I'm not saying that it is impossible to not click the link, I didn't, but I found out anyway through friends who share my passion for the game. I was more so referring to the fact that people, being the beautiful curious creatures we are, would have a good amount more people who look than those who don't.

regardless, my argument wasn't so much on people not looking, but more so on the inconvenience and loss of possible excitment that this leaked information could cause

Codewow1490d ago

It can only make you lose your excitement if you actually spoil it for yourself though.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1490d ago

You both make good points-

You are right in saying don't click the Link.
Sometimes it is just a picture, a title, or someone's comment in a forum about the game.

gaming rumors and speculation are very common.
The leak would not be confirmed to us until the game released-
But in this case it is confirmed due to an employee's dismissal and a pending law-suit.

live2play1490d ago

if every link containing or regarding leaked character info would say "spoilers ahead do not click if you dont want to know the smash roster"
you would be right.

but alot of the articles containing this information dont even warn you of whats ahead sometimes its in the title or theres even a picture of all of them.
so its not all black and white, only a fool would believe that

i would have liked to find out in a direct and watching live reaction videos. but i dont mind it like say someone telling the ending of a movie.

Nerdmaster1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

It's not like that in the beginning people said "this is a true leaking! new characters confirmed!". It sounded like a thousand others "Rumor: new Smash Bros characters". All of them claimed to be true. We were used of reading them just for fun knowing that they were fake. Who can blame us for not believing the leaking in the beginning?

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Sheed1490d ago


PaleMoonDeath1490d ago

All those cap locks do is attract comments like this one buddy.

DiscoKid1490d ago

Don't matter. He's right lol

Patrick_pk441490d ago

And this is basically a early announcement of what characters are in the game. Normally Nintendo would upload another video of new character releases, this isn't different from leaking it. I understand if the characters were hidden, but everyone has the freedom of choice to view the leaked information, it is the fault of the user for spoiling it for himself.

Arty841490d ago

yeah this big evil leak probably created more attention that the game needed for a good launch..