Bungie "Destiny Beta Has Made The Game Better"

Last month Bungie invited the world to come take a look inside their epic Universe in Destiny Beta for over a week. During that time over 4.6 million gamers got involved in the socially connected FPS to give it a good once over. Now Bungie has revealed just how much information they were able to gather from that vital test.

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Frankskint1392d ago

The beta was incredibly vital to bungie and gamers. For me it was what really sold me to brand.

Blacksand11392d ago

It need more 3rd person view not just in the main hub. I like to see what my guy have on after i buy it.

brettjones4941392d ago

Never got round to playing this, was at work most times, but all my friends said it was great. So looking forward to finally getting on the hype train.

alvinmiller921392d ago

4.6 million is a hell of a lot of data to gather on user gameplay. Their servers must be rock solid. Though I did experience a few lags at times, but chalked it up to it being beta.

EdnaJones971392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I cannot wait for Septembe 9thr to get here, i have a few scores to settle.

amyortega1311392d ago

I never really got into the whole Destiny hype. That damn spider took forever to kill. I had already maxed out all my class to 8 and just figured not much to see until the full version comes out.

charliewong9801392d ago

Guess it depends on what your into. Me and my friends were on this all day. Don't you just love summer holidays :)

henrythomas2841392d ago

I think once the full game comes out you may change your mind. I have honestly tried not thinking about this game since the Beta ended, but only a few weeks now.

700p1392d ago

Yeah same hype is gone. Doesnt mean its a bad game, BUT its not for me.

Johnsonparts231392d ago

Also, the leveling was accelerated for the Beta so it'll take longer to progress in the final game.

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danniellelewis1392d ago

I hope they have gone ahead and improved some of those weapon balances. sheesh. Talking about a few guns on there having too much power.

lisamorgan41392d ago

its not reallynthe weapon that matters but the one who wields it in my opinion. I never picked the guns that every one was going crazy about and I still owned a few fallen and hive. Saying that i think it will be quite interesting to see just how much of a difference power ups will be once we can level beyond the 8 cap.

patelsanjeed1392d ago

What bugged me and i hope someone from Bungie reads this, is when you find yourself straying away from the map and you end up somewhere were enemies are way above you character level, where you can't even get a shot of on them before they kill you.

That happened to me a few times and it was grossly unfair, especially since we was capped at level 8.

Cryptcuzz1392d ago

That is because the beta was capped at level 8. Your stats are not up to their level where you would be doing any damage to them.

Once the final game is out and you can go higher than level 8, as long as your close or above their level, you would be able to damage and kill them (as well as your armor being high enough to not be one shot)

temple1392d ago

They said that higher level enemies guard those areas so that you have something to come back and do no matter how high leveled you are. I ran into some of those enemies and ran away with no problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.