(WGB) Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review – Ultimate Loot Goodness

Baden of WGB: "Having been 2-years since its initial release on PC, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition has arrived on current-gen consoles. Not only does it come packing a whole extra expansion pack on top of the standard game, but console players also benefit from a full two years of tweaking and patches that have resulted in a far better game than what it was at launch. Hurrah!"

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Maxor1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

On the surface the console edition sounds awesome. Until I realized that it won't be getting the new patch and seasons which totally murdered the purpose of games like this.

This is like CoD without the rankings and achievements. Enjoyable if you only coop with a group of friends, but not being able to connect with other players in competitive ladders totally blows.

Blizzard is leaving this game to die on the console again.