Sony Files Mysterious “Sangeki no Sanso” Trademark in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment filed for a rather interesting trademark with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office.

The trademark filed in class 9 (games), is “Sangeki no Sanso.”

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DarXyde1362d ago

"Air of Tragedy"?

I'm not proficient in Japanese, but I used a basic translator and that's what I got.

Sounds like a horror title if I'm right.

bouzebbal1362d ago

Sony's conference in just 5 days.. cant wait for some Jap reveals

Honest_gamer1362d ago

what conference and where can i watch it

maddskull1362d ago

what conference?? please answer is it the tgs

bouzebbal1362d ago

no it is not TGS, it's SCEJ holding a PlayStation press conference on September 1st.
TGS conference is on Sep 18th i believe!

andibandit1362d ago

The much anticipated sequel for onechanbara

KingofGambling1362d ago

I'm guessing a new i.p. or a Siren franchise.

scark921362d ago

I literally looking up Siren 5 minutes ago, I sure hope so, those games do survival horror justice imo

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1362d ago

Getting ready for DAT TGS doe

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