Bungie centralised Destiny game development to “Bungie dev kit”

Destiny’s community manager, Deej, has told ArabicGamers that Bungie designed their own “platform agnostic” dev kit to create Destiny.

Speaking on the differences gamers could expect across the different platforms, Deej reiterated that the game’s only difference across the platforms was the visuals.

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thetamer1426d ago

We're seeing more and more of this. And it's not just about the game engines anymore.

Menkyo1426d ago

Which is stupid if one platform can out preform another they should use that extra power; Pc out performs consoles and the ps4 in theory can out preform the xbone so why not use that power? Idk Im just rambling I guess.

mhunterjr1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Likely because of the added time and resources it would take to specialize each game to each console.

It's not like they are intentionally handy-capping any version. But you have to figure, in the case of Bungie, they are releasing a game across 5 platforms.

PC games involve less optimization; with so many different user configurations, developers simply let users decide performance settings.

Developing this way allows them to prioritize creating a base experience that will be enjoyable, regardless of platform.

With consoles, there are a lot more optimizations that must take place. When you are developing 5 versions of a game, and trying to make a release schedule, sometimes that usually means putting out a product when it's ready to be shipped... that doesn't mean that with more time developers wouldn't have wanted to do more to max out each console...

Would you be happy to get a several months delay on your PS4 version of Destiny just so that Bungie could put more effort into outclassing the xbox 1 version?

TheKingWilliamV1426d ago

Hmmm thats great but can you please tell me since Destiny has gone GOLD what are the final resolutions between the Xbox One and the PS4 version because I have both pre-ordered but am only going to purchase the one with the higher resolution. If they both are 1080p 30 fps than I will get the X1 Version.

towelie12881426d ago

not set in stone yet
but i am pretty sure both will have the same Res/FPS

DJ1426d ago

No one knows for sure, but the PS4 version will (like always) probably be at a higher resolution and have slightly better visuals. XB1 version will still look good.

GusBricker1426d ago

As I've said before, whichever controller you prefer get that version.

HacSawJimThugin1426d ago friends. XB1 version for me. That controller make me feel legendary with a gun. Two more weeks!!

ShowGun9011426d ago

Any friends buying it? Get the one they're gonna get, I don't care about controllers if I've got nobody to play with...

Regis1426d ago

They are both 1080p w/ 30fps they mentioned it in a bungie weekly update.

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