Xenoblade Chronicles X’s map is more than five times bigger than Xenoblade for Wii

If you’ve played Xenoblade, you know just how massive the game’s world is. For the sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles X, developer Monolith Soft has somehow managed to take things even further.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1206d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles had quite a few massive areas in it...
Expanding those to five times that size makes me feel like it's approaching or surpassing skyrim in size, which pleases me greatly.

ATi_Elite1206d ago

May have to buy a Wiiu X seems LEGIT!

vishmarx1206d ago

though i really hope this game doesnt turn out a glorious map simulator like the last one.
the combat in that game was like the foetus version of FF Xii

levian1206d ago


Was it really similar to FF12? I bought the game, but honestly couldn't get into it because the combat felt too weird. I loved 12 though, so if it gets better I may try to push a bit farther.

user56695101206d ago

what wiiU has no games. only platform that have games is ps4

RAFFwaff1205d ago

im 140hrs into Xenoblade Chronicles. Ive never played a game with so much heart and absolutely beautiful environments. Xenoblade Chronicles X and Zelda Wii U will fulfill my rpg needs 2015. Please understand.

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Metallox1206d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles was already too heavy for me. I don't what to say about this, too many areas to explore... why 2015, Monolith? T.T

Big_Game_Hunters1206d ago

It will be GOTY, GOTG. Monolith soft>>>>>>&g t;> Gods

weekev151206d ago

Its even bigger than 5 times that siz. 2015 is gonna be killer for WiiU.

Magicite1206d ago

I have never owned Nintendo system before, but this game might change that in 2015.

pcz1206d ago

xenoblade is in my top 5 best games ever. and im an extremely harsh critic.

i will buy a wiiu for X

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DarkOcelet1206d ago

I didnt move to current gen yet but the wii u looks very tempting with bayonetta 2 and xenoblade chronicles x and Zelda U .. This and Bloodborne are my most anticapted Rpg games next to the witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition .

for we are many1206d ago

WHAT?!! I played the original Xenoblade for almost 200 hours and haven't finished everything, this is too much!! Xenoblade X is shaping up to be the greatest RPG of all time imo.

R00bot1204d ago

With that much content it could take years to finish at an average pace. Can't wait.

LightDiego1206d ago

Can't wait for this game. And some people still say that jrpgs are irrelevant nowadays, take that, lolol.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1206d ago

Eeeee, if only some game devs/publishers would bring back some of the older JRPG franchises.

ritsuka6661206d ago

This game have potential for save jrpgs genre. Mark my words.

Gemmol1206d ago

thats too big, with all the extra walking or traveling to do, it would take a while to get 100 percent

deafdani1206d ago

Don't forget there are mecha suits this time. They fly and transform into other vehicles, which will speed up the traveling, I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.