Bungie's Destiny to Feature Raid on The Moon

Bungie has talked a lot about the content in Destiny but it's the Raid content that has most players interested. Raids in Destiny are essentially six-person operations wherein you must battle through a heavily guarded base and wipe out scores of foes.

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weazle1484d ago

Sounds good to me. Bring it on!

BiggerBoss1484d ago

I bet we'll be fighting this giant ogre thing at the center of the moon:)

JeffGUNZ1484d ago

Yeah man, two weeks from today I'll be saving the universe! Can't wait!

Dynasty20211484d ago

But the majority won't even play any raids as the majority don't have 5 friends to play Destiny with, on the same platform, for hours and hours which is required to complete the raids.

koston36471484d ago

speak for yourself Anti-Social Alex....

GodGinrai1484d ago

I was about to say the same thing, Koston. lol!

Shadonic1484d ago

There's what 100's if not 1000's of gaming media sites that allow for interaction with millions of other players who will purchase Destiny not to mention that there's supposed to be checkpoints added into the raids to allow for people to come back and continue from said points though said checkpoints wont last forever. There's pretty much a workaround for almost every issue not pertaining to a players internet connection. Its not as basic and as usual as a matchmaking system which takes the whole thrill of preparing a well built and equipped team to take on said challenge but its a practice that's been in gaming since practically Pong just GTFU and find someone out of the billions of other gamers is it really that hard to find 5 other people that want to play the same thing ?

I can understand if your strapped for time but if not then its more the players fault than Bungies.

urwifeminder1484d ago

Moon dragons beware ,this game is sounding pretty funny hope it has some deliberate humour as well .