PS4 Glacier White Vertical Stand U.S. price, release date, Destiny bundle compatibility and photos

PS4 Glacier White Vertical Stand is coming to the United States after all. The price, release date info and more photos are now available.

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1mgb1151d ago

The black is $50 while the white is $30. Odd..

Lubu1151d ago

Its from a third party seller and just fulfilled by Amazon. The MSRP of the black one has been $19.99


Jihaad_cpt1151d ago

It works out to less than U$30 where I live official black one that is

radler1151d ago

That's a lot of money for a piece of plastic.

Crazyglues1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

yeah they need to make the white one for sale at GameStop for 20 bucks too...

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PS3gamer4life1151d ago

Got mine preordered cant wait

xer01151d ago

Again, a thing of beauty.

I can't wait to add the PS4 glacier white to my PS4 collection.

Rhezin1151d ago

I can imagine how dirty that white ps4 is gonna get. Though the standard black, you can see every piece of dust that lands on that thing. Give me a grey ps4!

Muzikguy1151d ago

Was anyone really wondering if it would be compatible?! O_o

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