No Man’s Sky: A Whole Universe to Explore

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"Hello PlayStation.Blog! I’m Sean Murray, and I work at a little indie studio in the UK, making a game called No Man’s Sky on PS4. I’m writing this on a plane back from Gamescom, where we showed some press the game behind closed doors.
We’ve only done three days where we’ve talked to press about the game so far (two at E3 and one at the VGXs last year), but for an indie game we’ve had lots of interest and excitement. Something I’m still struggling to get my head around. So much so that I didn’t actually want to go to Gamescom! We’ve never actually shown any European press the game though, and we felt bad about that."

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3-4-51491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I'm the kind of person who will get attached to a certain planet and spend a TON of my time there.....just because.

Can we build structures or bases or have a Home Planet?

BiggCMan1491d ago

Not that I know of, I haven't heard anything about making things on your own due to the game making everything right in front of you.

And nothing about a home planet per-se, but if you are the first to discover something (which should apparently happen quite often), then the planet will be tagged with your name or something like that.

3-4-51490d ago

Ok, at least that is something special then.

TWB1491d ago

Uhh, every time I see and read more, Im getting more and more excited.

I deeply hope that this game has a physical release.

Jrmy841491d ago

Hope this game lives up to my hype for it , and also hope it has a physical release.

mrmack001490d ago

Man..This could be my most favorite-est game ever....