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There’s something grimly fascinating about how the last remnants of humanity would cope after a race-decimating event like nuclear war. Countless books, films and games have focused on this macabre musing but none have envisioned it quite like Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book, Metro 2033.

In Glukhovsky’s vision of the apocalypse, thousands of Russian citizens retreated below the earth into the 202 mile-long tunnel network of the Russian metro system. Consisting of 194 stations, each of the routes the trains would take are signified by a coloured line – these coloured lines, over the years after the war, have been repurposed by the metro’s inhabitants to signify allegiance. Even at the end of the world, tribalism is rife. And you thought the console wars were bad.

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Rockyrob1448d ago

I've had the game for one day and on chapter one my xbox one hangs at 99%. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice with the same issue. Loading of chapter one takes about 3 minutes, then the hang.