1UP: Unreal Tournament 3 Hands-On

Christmas came early for PlayStation 3 owners last year with the mid-December release of Unreal Tournament 3. But this major Sony console exclusive left many Xbox 360 owners feeling slighted -- perhaps even a little bitter. Thankfully, titles like BioShock, The Orange Box, Call of Duty 4, and Halo 3 helped obscure its absence and made the wait easier to bear. But now gamers are midway though 2008, and the once-mighty deluge of Xbox 360 first-person shooters appears to have slowed to a trickle, giving Epic's fragfest the perfect chance to shine this summer.

As with most games that debut significantly later on another console, UT3 on Xbox 360 won't be a direct port of the original title; instead, players will be getting new maps, exclusive characters, all of the previously available downloadable content, improved online matchmaking, some Gears of War 2 video content, and two-player splitscreen multiplayer.

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Silogon3837d ago

So it looks like Epic and Sony's unreal colaboration has paid off for them as the graphics seem to have held up on the xbox 360 port. Notice held up and not exceeded.

Ps3 is more and more looking to be the console with the most expansion under its hood. Mods + graphics + mouse/keyboard support = Ps3 buy to most ayone with a brain.

FredFredrickson3837d ago

Why would they rework the graphics for 360? The game's been finished for months.

AngryTypingGuy3837d ago

PS3 is built for the long-haul, but it's not the all powerful console it was billed to be. It's been struggling to remain on par with the 360 in terms of graphics and frame rate. Don't get me wrong, there are some games where the PS3 does a better job, but for the majority, the 360 wins.

I know Blu Ray discs have much more storage capacity, and that's great. However, the majority of games this gen don't need the extra space. Those that do, like MGS4 need it only because of hour long CGI clips that hog disc space.

Sony said "Next gen doesn't start until we say so!"-- My ass. 360 owners have been experiencing next gen all along, and the best catalog of games, since late 2005.

FredFredrickson3837d ago

UT3 is fun, I've got it on PC, but I'm not sure how well the gameplay translates to consoles (unless you're playing with a mouse). It's too bad that the UT franchise is slowing down so much with Epic's focus on consoles, but I guess that's just the way it goes.

Kami3837d ago

im goign to get this for the ps3
here in my homecity its selling at 30 bucks new.

FredFredrickson3837d ago

It's the same price for PC, I believe.

Kami3837d ago

yeah but my pc is crap

jcgamer3837d ago

Enjoy 360'll be good fun until Gears of War 2... :)

Denzelio3837d ago

"instead, players will be getting new maps, exclusive characters, all of the previously available downloadable content, improved online matchmaking,"

I assume PC owners already have all these features so, just goes again to show that PC owners always get more then console owners of multi platform games, along with ever-better graphics and performance by the ability of improving their hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.