inFAMOUS First Light Photo Mode Gallery

inFAMOUS First Light reviews are going live and PSLS is bringing you a look at what is possible within the photo mode in the game.

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dbjj120881421d ago

Photo mode has been a fun distraction though I think the tools are still a little restricting. I'm hopeful for more upgrades if Sony keep the feature in their games.

Wedge191421d ago

Part of the fun for me was challenging myself with the tools offered to make something great. I agree that they could be better, but it was fun to toy with what was offered and still come out with something awesome.

DoomeDx1421d ago

''If sony keep the feature in their games''

What? Sony has nothing to do with the photo mode. Its a developer thing.

Wedge191421d ago

It is, but most prominently found in games by Sony first party studios to utilize the power and graphical fidelity of the PS4, the obvious contenders being inFAMOUS and The Last of Us.

S2Killinit1421d ago

its a nice little app to your free time. especially if you're into things like drawing, or similar hobbies, its a nice touch to be able to capture your moments.

Wedge191421d ago

Definitely a photographer's dream to have photo mode in games. This are a great way to have an interesting subject and take pictures that just aren't possible by going out your door.

Allsystemgamer1421d ago

Yea I'm a photographer and videographer. The photomode makes taking beautiful shots a reality. The ONLY thing I don't like is not having a free cam mode. It would be much better to be able to not be locked to a character.

knifefight1419d ago

They should put ghosts in it, like when you get the camera in Metal Gear Solid. Man, that was sweet.