Square Enix 'didn't intend to cause confusion' with Tomb Raider Announcement.

Ross Everman for Fully 'Avin It writes: The award for stating the obvious to a twatish degree goes to SQUARE ENIX.

Square Enix, the ultimate keepers of the key to Lara Croft’s chastity belt, have felt the need to clarify that they “didn’t intend to cause confusion” with their recent exclusivity announcement. While every other games journalism outlet on the internet will be covering this as a normal bit of news, Fully ‘Avin It would like to take this opportunity to point out how sincerely and deeply moronic this statement is.

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stuna11242d ago

Of course they would say this! Because after your F*ups in hindsight is when you usually realize just how big your F*ups really is! And at that point money is the least of your problems.

xHeavYx1242d ago

They also didn't want MS' money, right?

nX1242d ago

What a stupid statement, they did nothing but causing confusion in the community. Not only are they abandoning more than 2/3 of their fanbase, now I'm actually fearing that these kind of business deals could become a "thing" in this console war. It could get really ugly if other publishers continue this trend as well, same story as with the EA Access thing.

come_bom1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

@stuna1, MrAnthonyDR

Both of you are hypocrites.

MrAnthonyDR1242d ago

Oh no, you caught me! I am a hypocrite! I am totally doing/saying the opposite of something I previously stated! PLEASE DONT PUNISH ME

Jihaad_cpt1242d ago

You need to look up the word hypocrite.

Testfire1242d ago

What they did was stand on the sideline while they let MS use a vaguely worded statement about TR exclusivity, and then carry on the illusion by not saying anything.

stuna11242d ago

Exactly! And that is in essences promoting the initial statement made by Microsoft that the title is indeed exclusive to their platform.

See it works both ways; A closed mouth doesn't get fed, but a open mouth ensures a all you can eat smorgasbord! Being the gamer, Square choosing to hold off on clarifying the exclusiveness of the deal with Microsoft has turned their smorgasbord all you can eat deal into a one plate limited dinner with no appetizer for many gamers.

SilentNegotiator1242d ago

I guarantee you that there's VERY little that SE was/is contractually allowed to say. A temp exclusivity isn't much good if the developer goes around talking about it being temporary.

MysticStrummer1242d ago

"What they did was stand on the sideline while they let MS use a vaguely worded statement about TR exclusivity, and then carry on the illusion by not saying anything."

True, but it's not as if that's unusual with timed exclusives. This announcement just caused much more of an uproar than most similar ones have in the past. The whole thing could really end up backfiring from a sales perspective. The initial release is guaranteed to not sell as much as the last game did, and the subsequent releases may not sell very well either, especially if there's any hint of the parity monster rearing it's ugly head on the more powerful platforms.

Testfire1242d ago

@ silent and mystic, I realize that they were probably contractually obligated to not say anything, but I just don't fall for this "we're innocent" type fake PR bullshit. They signed the contract, they knew the image MS was going to portray as the game being exclusive. A child could have predicted the incoming shitstorm. I don't get why these guys have to lie, and act like they didn't mean to do what they did, all we want is honesty. It's the lies that piss me off.

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tlougotg1242d ago

Its like Microsoft initially saying "RROD wasnt a wide spread issue", then later on after taken to court saying "Since day one weve been about the gamers and are offering extended warranty and fixing the rrod xboxs" lol All these companies are the same full of %hit.

dumahim1242d ago

And being sorry and not intending to cause confusion, have they said anything to clarify the situation?

ScottyHoss1242d ago

It's been confirmed as a timed exclusive

stuna11242d ago


I didn't say they didn't want Microsoft money! But like Bloodborn stated 2/3 of your fanbase is most likely "NOT" a justifiably beneficial tradeoff because of the lasting repercussion that follow a deal like this.

It's a statistical fact TR is a great seller on Sony platforms, even moreso than on Microsoft platforms. It is also a fact that TR has a rather large following on PC. This facts being undeniable means money played a factor in decisions that were made, but the money made from Microsoft could and probably will have lasting ill consequences for Square's money making potential in the future, due to that 2/3 of the fanbase that feels they may have been slighted. No matter how small the percentage may be, lost revenue is still lost revenue.

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-Foxtrot1242d ago

Yeah...yeah you did because it would look good for Microsoft and that's what you wanted after your deal.

Mikelarry1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

if they didn't mean to confuse us they why all the lawyer speak. here square enix you could have come out and said in like this

"tomb raider is a timed exclusive on xbox one"

MrAnthonyDR1242d ago

Yeah, it's weird because like you say they bring it on themselves. Then they release a statement like this that just comes across as retarded based on what they originally said.

dumahim1242d ago

And they could just as easily fix the problem by saying when the exclusivity ends, just like Sony did with the Destiny PS4 extras revealed yesterday.

See small print in lower right corner

Gore-Content1242d ago

Confusion or not, they screwed up big time anyway.

JoGam1241d ago

Im not buying it. Want to teach them with my wallet.

Speak_da_Truth1242d ago

yeah whatever!!! If it eventually hits ps4 I'll rent it.

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