RockBand reaches 200 downloadable songs

Mark: ""Harmonix and MTV Games have announced the addition of the third album to be added to the Rock Band music store catalog - the Pixies' "Doolittle" from 1989 - bringing the online catalog to more than 200 songs available.

"Wave of Mutilation", from the same album, was included on the original Rock Band game disc.

Judas Priest's "Screaming For Vengeance" and The Cars' "The Cars" are the other two full-albums currently available for download.

According to Harmonix, over 12 million Rock Band tracks have now been sold

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jackr393838d ago

thats pretty well done, im happy to see that atleast there making a really good effort:D

KrisXX3838d ago

I really hope all the songs I bought for RB will still worth with RB2. Be lame if they didn't. And having them work for RB2, means more money for them.

RevN8r3836d ago

The problem with this article is that "Doolittle" isn't the next DLC, this week's Rock Band gets 2 songs from Avenged Sevenfold, one from The Offspring, and one from Crooked X:

The Pixies' album won't be released until June 24th:

Just in case there was any confusion.