PS3 launch: Blast Factor impressions

Where Blast Factor lacks style it makes up for with dynamic gameplay elements, including the most effective usage of Sixaxis's motion capabilities to date. While deceptively simple, the act of jerking the controller left or right to slosh around the liquid within each stage (corralling the enemies) typifies a clear advantage PS3 could have over Xbox 360 -- though the lack of rumble certainly damages the game's 'blast' factor. Other noteworthy devices include Blast Factor's auto-adjusting difficulty and enemy variation (players must discover how each class of baddie is defeated)...

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eddie144405d ago

they are taking the wii approach...pretty soon people will realize simple games work fine as well

eques judicii4405d ago

this approach started last year with a small game known as geometry wars... which was on the xblm

Arkham4405d ago

Meh, I was hoping this one would be a bit better as a quick pick-up, but after playing the demo I'm not impressed. I had (am having) more fun with Cash Guns & Chaos.

Flow's the one I'm looking forward to.