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randomass1711366d ago

I'm a little disappointed that it's not Robert Englund but honestly I'm okay with this too. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one looking forward to this game lol. Hopefully it's good. :)

Clown_Syndr0me1366d ago

As soon as I read the title I thought, "Robert Englund - cool!" so I'm a little dissapointed.
Englund will always be the true Krueger to me. Oh, and Im really looking forward to it! Love horror games, looks right down my street. May not be a blockbuster but Im sure I'll enjoy it.

cfc781366d ago

I think people are just keeping out the articles so not to ruin any potential shocks/surprises that the game has in store im pretty sure come release day you won't be the only one playing it.

ATi_Elite1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Robert Englund is FREDDY KRUEGER just like Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man and all others are pathetic posers.

does Bethesda have No Soul? Couldn't they just go get Robert Englund. The man is Legendary.

Kruegers one liners are teh best.

*Nightmare on Elm Street remake put me to sleep and I have yet to finish watching that mess.

Akuma2K1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I thought they were talking about Robert Englund too, but when i read the article they were talking about the Nightmare On Elm Street remake.....oh well, i'm still getting the game because i'm glad to see the survivor horror genre making a comeback.

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TheJacksonRGN1366d ago

Fix your title, the name is Ruvik, not Ruvil.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

You should put "Rorschach actor lending his voice to play Ruvik in The Evil Within" instead honestly.

WeAreLegion1366d ago

Calling Jackie Earle Haley the "Freddy Krueger actor" is an insult to both Jackie Earle Haley's brilliant acting career and Robert Englund's portrayal of the Freddy character.