Minecraft Development Update for Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita

4J Studios took to Twitter today to give anxious fans an update on the status of Minecraft on Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita. According to them, we may be able to play the game within the next few weeks.

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scott12346781421d ago

About time this was meant to have a August 19th release date but seemed to get held back because of sony's testing or something release before September 15th and it will be a day one buy for me!!

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FullmetalRoyale1421d ago

Yeah Sony tested it and said it wasn't good enough, essentially. Then 4J was able to quickly clear up these known issues to resubmit them. I just don't understand why they tried to release us a sub-par product to begin with.

Anyway, been playing the hell out of the ps3 version with my friend, and am ready to transfer our world over to PS4.

migh_and_highty1421d ago

Subpar? You've gotta be joking?!
If you dont work for them or sony how do you know what the exact problem was, it could have been a save bug that occurs under certain circumstances, doesnt make the ps4 version subpar, if they knew about it they would've dealt with it before submission.

Dlacy13g1421d ago

" I just don't understand why they tried to release us a sub-par product to begin with. " LOLz... Yes I am sure that was their intent.

You should try researching some of the developer interviews out on the internet that talk about Console certifications and some of the silly things that will make a game fail cert. Something as simple as not having text on start up akin to: “sometimes this game saves, when you see this animated icon in the corner, DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR CONSOLE”. Not having some kind of language like that could fail your game in cert.

FullmetalRoyale1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

LOL @youtwo

The game wasn't ready. They were able to fix the bugs so quickly because they were obviously aware of them beforehand. I never claimed to know the exact problem, even though 4J themselves have owned up to the various bugs and glitches. They admit it, but you cry that they didn't know?

"...doesnt make the ps4 version subpar.."


below an average, usual, or normal level, quality, or the like; below par:
This month his performance has been subpar.

So by the very definition of the word, it was subpar. I'll never understand fanboys. There may be some silly reasons why it wouldn't be certified, true. But if it didn't meet those standards, not only should they know better, but it would still be subpar. Ignoring the actual bugs they claim to have fixed SINCE being rejected by Sony.

I will be upgrading the very second it is made available. But I have a mind that doesn't allow me to ignore what they did/tried to do.

Release it subpar, then patch it.

Dlacy13g1421d ago

@FullmetalRoyale I think your comment about their intent to release a sub par game is where I know I personally have issue with. I think that is a very disingenuous statement to the actual situation, or maybe just better put a un-founded accusation on your part interms of their intent to purposely release a sub par game.

That out of the way please go on sending others on N4G private PM's with the subject line: Hey Boy. Then when we don't agree with you, just block us on your PM so we can't try and continue a conversation. That is absolutely the mature way to handle all discussions.

Cheers and stay classy.

troylazlow1421d ago

This is N4G you can't say anything bad about Sony!

buttclown1421d ago

Would love to see why Sony said it wasn't good enough. What about all the other games that have bugs and glitches and other problems that get released. Bethesda games come to mind

Beetey1421d ago

Sony's testing looks at a lot of things that has NOTHING to do with the quality of a game. Simply failing testing does not mean that 4J "tried to release us a sub-par product."

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TheGreatAndPowerful1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

"Down to the last few bugs with #MinecraftXbox1 - hoping to hand it over to Microsoft by the end of the week!"

Sm00thNinja1421d ago

It's MINECRAFT and it's basically a PORT! Why is this so HARD FOR THEM? And it still wasn't up to Sony standards? Really

SuperBlur1421d ago

"Sony standards" is that they found potential problems for the console itself while installing and playing their game.

CloudRap1421d ago

Wow Skyrim and BF4 two great but bug ridden games on launch passed certification, and Minecraft cant? thats embarassing

stavrami-mk21421d ago

then theres basement crawl that was totally unplayable so I'm not sure exactly what these cert standards are about i think they just flip a coin

isa_scout1421d ago

Especially Sniper Elite 3,more bugs in that game game than anything I've ever played. Skyrim makes sense though because it's so big. Inexcusable that such a linear game like SE3 could make it through the certification process though. Can't wait to play Minecraft in PS4 though. I hope it doesn't end up coming out the same day as Destiny though. If it does I'll probably hold off buying it for a month or two.

LightningMokey1421d ago

The thing is Skyrim was filled with issues that were common among Open world games. The game was also playable atleast until you got the dlc, but I think that was Sony not wanting to be hit by Xbox 360 having the dlc and them not.

As for Battlefield I think its because EA is such a big company they could realase a turd and people will buy it up. Sony doesn't want second release of a big game.

basement crawl im unsure of ive not looked into it.

Still im happy with my PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

TheRedButterfly1421d ago

There's a lot more to cert. than a lot of people think. It isn't only just that the bugs are fixed, it's that all the features of the console are working in game. For Xbox, this means that the achievements live-track, the recording works, the suspend/resume, the "Xbox record that"...

Everything. It's not as straight-forward as you may think.

(And it's like this on every platform.)

UnHoly_One1421d ago

I'm glad somebody gets it.

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LightningMokey1421d ago

Those blaming Sony's standards, be thankful they have them. (And no this isnt a shot at Xbone on Nintendo.)

LightningMokey1421d ago

I believe Sony takes their game and compares it to the competition's platform. If its as good or better it passes lol. If its a big name from a big company it passes.

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